Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Avengers & ponies. :D

Hey gals!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while :P

Life has been going by crazy fast @_@ School and work is blowing past me. The weeks seem to be moving quickly too. I think it's cause I'm not taking as many classes, and I'm working constantly otherwise, so my days are always filled with something. I can't lie though, I'm living for the weekends, the only time I can really breathe and have some time to myself.

I'm looking forward to so many things!

- Ethan and I are going roller skating this Friday :D And probably watching his copy of The Avengers that he pre-ordered. AAGHHH I haven't seen it since the start of the summer! So stoked.

- Fall break!


- Which means... fun hang out times, sleep overs, Marvel madness, PJs and new memories. And tons of laughter :D Our girl gang will be complete again! It can't be here soon enough!

- Halloween!! :DDD

- Izumicon! Cosplays! :D Ponies and pony swag! Seeing convention friends!

And there's tons more!

I'm also excited for Christmas coming up soon too! Cause that means winter break, free time, working and saving money and present giving to all those I love! And of course, the best, the celebration of our Savior's birth <3 :=":" a="a" all="all" already="already" always="always" and="and" art="art" at="at" be="be" beautiful="beautiful" behind="behind" christmas="christmas" don="don" drawing="drawing" either="either" everyone="everyone" excited="excited" fall="fall" get="get" gift="gift" going="going" i="i" into="into" it="it" m="m" of="of" on="on" our="our" p="p" party="party" presents="presents" s="s" so="so" starting="starting" such="such" t="t" then="then" this="this" time="time" to="to" want="want" winter.="winter." winter="winter" with="with" year="year">
Which I think it'd be a good idea by the end of October or mid-November we create a group event for the Christmas party. That way there is plenty notice given ahead for all those that live further away, and so people can ask of work and what not. The bigger the better! Last year was SUCH a blast <3 p="p">
I've actually finished up most of my homework for the day! The latest I've stayed up this semester so far is 2 or so (I've stayed up later, but that was doing stuff for fun like drawing and cleaning :P). It's nice staying on top of things, being orderly, organized and prepared. I also like getting to sleep and feel more rested for class and work the next day. However, I still am getting behind here and there, I need to sacrifice some more and get more stuff done on the weekends probably. But, I'm doing better than I have before, which is a start.

Speaking of doing better -- dieting and exercising is going okay. I never get time to go to the gym @_@ UGH. Oh well. I'm trying to be active however I can. Walking more, etc. I had like 100 oz. of water today. Which is really good for me, I hardly get enough water in. AAH!

So much to keep up with, plan, organize, figure out... but, gotta' take it all one step at a time.

I hope everyone else is doing well :)

I love you all! God bless!