Thursday, December 24, 2009

A white Christmas.

Breath and Blanket - a winter haiku
The breath and blanket
of winter comes in curling
swirls of white crystal.

Mother nature's winter clothes.
Mother nature quietly dons Herself with
earrings of sparkling ice,
a scarf of dancing snow,
a cap of sighing clouds,
and an elegant gown of 
white Christmas dreams.

Untitled - (still working on)
A fire crackles behind me.
The dogs are curled up, snoozing
and snoring and chasing dreams.
Hot chocolate sits idly by
with its curling, warm steam.

I see outside the living room window,
the snow is a blowing, beautiful blizzard.
Being inside all day
with such a beautiful outside scene
just awaiting play
is challenging. (I don't really like the ending of this one; and don't really know how to end it, haha...)

It's snowing, it's snowing! It's such a beautiful snow too. And of course, nature yet again is really the only thing that inspires me to write poetry. :)
Well all of this is technically a "blizzard" I assume, but, snow is snow to me. I feel bad for people that have to travel, or had plans cancelled because of the snow, but sometimes nature's beauty like this just needs to be taken into consideration - how often does snow like this happen? Just sit back with who you're with, your family, whatever, and enjoy it! It only happens every so often and it's good to embrace moments like this to relax with some warm drink and peace and quiet. :)

It makes Christmastime so much more magical and lovely! 
Merry Christmas everyone!

Friday, December 18, 2009

My spiritual gift.

A few weeks ago in Sunday school, we were talking about spiritual gifts. Some of them are: healing, prayer, ministry, leadership, prophecy, tongues, etc ...

I'd always wondered what mine could be, but I think I've figured it out, slowly. I haven't really prayed about it yet, but with my own realization ... I believe my spiritual gift is healing or prayer.

The spiritual gift of healing I believe is actually being able to psychically heal people, like the laying on of hands ... but I think the difference with me is that it's healing to the point of emotional and mental healing for others, through advice, listening, and prayer. There have been instances where I've talked to a friend, even over text messaging, and have prayed for her and she told me she felt immediate peace and comfort after talking to me. I'm usually the one people open up to, or want to talk to, even if they're extremely close friends of mine or not; even if their problem is something going on with their family, or about a crush they have on a boy.

What makes me think I have a spiritual gift of healing/discernment, is because I haven't really ... been through much in my life to give me wisdom and experience with situations. I've had a blessed, safe life, without much really happening to drastically change my opinion and standing on things (save for some relationship issues, and my salvation choice...) but with stuff like family problems, suicidal thoughts, drugs, alcohol, sex, domestic abuse... I've never had to worry about those things. I've never had a direct experience with them. Yet, I'm able to somehow find the words to say to people who are going through things like that. I'm able to pray for them and they find peace for an instance. My parents say I'm "wise beyond my years", that I have a lot of wisdom for someone my age that hasn't even been through any of those things... I think of it as the Holy Spirit in me, the Spirit's wisdom speaking through me. 

How else would I know what to say? 
What to pray? 
How to tell if someone is going through something?

"Healing" may not be the precise word, but, I do feel like there's some sort of spiritual gift in that area... discernment may be the term, I'm not positive. I haven't prayed about it, but I have this feeling that God is tugging on my heart to reach out to people and pray for them, or just see if they're okay.

I'm really blessed with this revelation. :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The waterbender.

photo manipulation by me.

"I will never turn my back on people who need me!"
"Oh, don't you worry about my strength. I'm not the scared little girl like I was when they came."
"Let's do this."
"You're looking at the only waterbender in the entire South Pole."

I saw this and it made me happy.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ship in the sky.

Against the inky cobalt sky are
dots of stars that glitter
in a white purple hue.
The strokes of clouds curl around
one another,
creating the shadow of a 
flying ship,
sailing the night's ocean blue.

Watching this ship sail
are two sisters, 
who are illuminated only
by the glow of the wane moon.
They stand shoulder to shoulder,
eyes to the sky,
musing on tales,
passing whispers of Peter Pan,
pirates and fantasy.
Childhood dreams, 
forever friendship,
all while the ship slowly sails.