Friday, June 21, 2013

You're gonna' miss me when I'm gone

I've decided to start looking into job opportunities/internships this summer so I can be prepared. I'll probably start off small, but we'll see where I can go.

Guys, I really want to pursue my dreams. No more slacking or wanting to play it safe.

It would be a dream to go after a character design/graphic design job for Disney or Nickelodeon. Or some sort of similar studio where inspiration is constantly thriving. Even if it's just an internship or a program, any opportunity would be amazing. I need to work on my character designing/storyboarding if I want to get anywhere within the Nickelodeon animation studios and do character design/concept art like I dream, but I have a pretty strong portfolio for design being built right now at least. So that's something. :)

I can't wait for my life to start. You know, if I have to leave Oklahoma to do this, I will. I love all my friends and family, but nothing is totally tying me here yet. I have so much ahead of me and a bright future right at my hands. I'm going after it full force within this last year to get started.

I'm going to start by entering art/design contests as much as possible; if you guys come across anything please let me know! I want to get my work out there, and challenge myself and design/illustrate within the spectrum of what I will be working in. Sometimes school projects are great, but sometimes they're not exactly what I want to do within my career. So I need to actively pursue and see what it is EXACTLY I excel at and then chase that down like crazy.

Meh, I'm honestly in a bitter mood right now about a lot of things. Probably heightened by the fact I didn't get but 4 hours of sleep last night and have a full day ahead of me. I'm burning the candle at both ends this summer. I just hope I can make it and enjoy the summer. But, it has been worth it -- my portfolio is building and that's what matters. I'm going to excel and thrive.

I can do this.

I hope everyone else is doing well. :)