Thursday, February 25, 2010

Design show surprise

So today there was a design student art showing in the Nigh Center of our university. It featured various picked work, the best work, from design students of the current year, in all classes. It was exciting to walk up the stairs into the very laid-back mood of the showing, eating my little finger foods and seeing some of my own work displayed --

no, it was behind exciting, it was an AMAZING feeling. I felt really honored. Because not only was my work picked to be displayed, it was picked because they figured it was among the BEST to be displayed, which was what was the best about it. It was also really inspiring and motivating to see future projects we'd be doing in classes, like book covers, portfolios, typography design, etc... I really felt in my element mingling and viewing all the work, especially when I saw my own up there.

Even though I feel like I'm flying under the radar in the design program, little moments of motivation and encouragement come along to excite me to keep pushing through it. Though I found out today that I'll probably be taking summer classes to keep on schedule with the program, and to be ahead of the game, I'm still really excited for even those classes. It'll keep me motivated and un-lazy during the summer when I really need that motivation the most.

Once I get digital copies of my projects, I'll just mass upload some of them on a blog. One of the projects posted in the show was the Cirque du Zombie poster that I had blogged about last October (it was only a small thumbnail, but still pretty awesome) for example.

Monday, February 22, 2010

God's not letting me give up on you.

With each prayer whispered to the Father
a rope ties around your wrist,
and with each prayer's echo,
you're tugged closer to Him
You find yourself drawn back into His arms,
or, you find yourself resisting.

I see you resisting.
Nails digging into the ground,
sweat beading your brow,
eyes frantic.
Your past inequities continue to bind you
to an evil world that doesn't care for you,
that regurgitates you,
and leaves you alone until you crawl back,
trying to find sanity and change through
the same motions.

I don't want to give up on you.
Your heart is real; your spirit wise,
I remember the way your blue eyes
lit up as you spoke of our Father,
and how He's always there, always saving,
always loving.
With each prayer I whisper for you, I pray
it draws your life closer to the Father
and instead of resisting,
you long to just drop the rope and run to Him,
to be there all the more sooner.

I'm not going to take this news as reason to be negative and sad about life. I'm taking the news I heard as a moment of God truly helping me reach out and further pray for this dear friend.

I've been frequently worrying about a friend, JP, I lost total contact with. He'd been doing well spiritually and his a Christian, but is known for slipping into phases where he totally abandons his faith and leans on drugs or rebellion or trouble to solve his problems or make himself feel better. He's genuinely a sweet, true person, with amazing talent, wisdom and intelligence beyond his years. I really admired him and look up to him...

The other day, I left him a comment on his Facebook profile, asking how he was doing and how I miss talking to him. Just today, a friend of mine sent me a message talking about how she had a friend in class that roomed with JP, and how he's had warrants for his arrest and has recently been arrested for theft. When she heard this, she remembered seeing me asking JP how he was and immediately felt the urge to tell me what she knew about JP so I could be updated and aware. I felt it was a blessing from God, that this friend I rarely talk to, thought of me and my concern for JP, to communicate back to me about him. Even if it wasn't good news, at least it was news. At least he's alive.

I hope...

So, this blog is asking for prayers for my friend JP. That he can be tugged closer to God and arrive back at His throne to give up all this stuff he's going through and just surrender himself... he can get very far in his life if he doesn't screw it up, and he needs to give this over to God before he can ever find peace and rest...

Even though I hardly talk to him and hardly see him, and probably don't know him as well as I know other friends, I feel spiritually connected to him in a way that's different from anyone else; it's a connection on the desire to help this brother in Christ who is struggling entirely too much. This brother in Christ who has given me so much advice and wisdom, and has affected my life to inspire me to be a better follower of Christ. Not being able to talk to him directly and see him is a test of my faith in God, I believe -- to still pray, ardently, and out of sight is NOT out of mind. God is always with JP, whether he sees it, and even thought I'm not there.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Live your life & love it.

I'm really trying to change my outlook on life. I've done this a lot lately, thinking more optimistically and looking on the blessings in my life and praising God for them, instead of being caught up in anything that may set me off or anything I may dread on. I'm trying for patience, to enrich my life with quiet times, reading, drawing, art, less Internet and mindless television. When I do all these things, and don't do these other things, I feel more at peace and refreshed day to day.

I'm going to be more optimistic and more hopeful.
I'm going to keep my eyes upward on God, on Heaven, on Jesus and His plans for me instead of trying to solve things in my life myself.

So, to influence my mood on my blog, I changed the layout entirely, and added some very feel good, sweet music that you all can enjoy as you read. I hope my optimism lifts up and encourages others as you read. I'm hoping to post more poetry and maybe some artwork or brief writings. Oh, and keep your eyes open for a book fair post coming up soon; you won't want to miss it~

God bless!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dear Meghan.

You're getting negative and pessimistic again.
Stop it.
Think on the happier things in life.
Think on things you know will cheer you up.
Most importantly think on God and His plan.
Worship Him in everything you do.
Do your quite times.
Quit getting caught up drama and sadness and anxiety.
It does nothing for you but bring you down further and cause you to be bitter towards people that are trying to help you; or people that you need to forgive.
Quit procrastinating and rationalizing.
Quit being fake in a moment you can be the Christian you are.
Quit wasting your time and do things with yourself that are for God's glory.

Relax. Be still, and know God is there.


Darwin Theory/Parallel theme song.

I always like having "theme" songs to go to my stories that I write. That way, when I hear the song, I'll be inspired for more of the story, or I'll just fall even more in love with what I'm writing because I can relate it to something else, and get pumped through the music. When I hear songs, I always like to close my eyes or just daydream a story to them, so finding a song to go with MY stories is even cooler. I'm even more excited now, because on the way home from grand ol' UCO, whilst daydreaming (I'm a safe driver, promise), I was smacked with Darwin Theory/Parallel's new theme song:

Walls by Manic Drive.

It's an amazingly upbeat song, with a techno/rock feel, yet it has that eerily awesome sort of feel to it also; a good guy's "we're coming after you, we're finishing this fight" antheml. It's the perfect song for a Christian themed, action/adventure story, with an edge of righteousness and fantasy. I'm so excited for this! Just so you can get the idea, here are the lyrics and a Youtube video of the actual song itself. Enjoy, and tell me what you think!

by Manic Drive
We are one but were not the same
For a thousand years weve played this game
And the tension rises up
Ya the passions given up

So our God reaches to unite
While amongst ourselves we fight
And Im sick of wasting time
Ya I got something on my mind

So lift your hands, move your feet
Get your, get yourself ready
Lift your flags, hit the streets
And charge

No you can never stop it from coming
Those against me can take off running
Cause theres something going down
Ya these walls are coming down
Cause the truth that has been said
Will unite us once again
Cause theres something going down
Ya these walls are coming down

Can we practice what we preach
And turn these fists into hands that reach
Embrace ourselves with open arms
Turn this hate into loving heart

What goes up, must come down
So Ill march towards this town
And undo what has been done
Tear down these bricks and stones one by one

So lift your hands, move your feet
Get your, get yourself ready
Lift your flags, hit the streets
And charge

No you can never stop it from coming
Those against me can take off running
Cause theres something going down
Ya these walls are coming down
Cause the truth that has been said
Will unite us once again
Cause theres something going down
Ya these walls are coming down
No you can never stop it from coming
No you can never stop