Monday, February 22, 2010

God's not letting me give up on you.

With each prayer whispered to the Father
a rope ties around your wrist,
and with each prayer's echo,
you're tugged closer to Him
You find yourself drawn back into His arms,
or, you find yourself resisting.

I see you resisting.
Nails digging into the ground,
sweat beading your brow,
eyes frantic.
Your past inequities continue to bind you
to an evil world that doesn't care for you,
that regurgitates you,
and leaves you alone until you crawl back,
trying to find sanity and change through
the same motions.

I don't want to give up on you.
Your heart is real; your spirit wise,
I remember the way your blue eyes
lit up as you spoke of our Father,
and how He's always there, always saving,
always loving.
With each prayer I whisper for you, I pray
it draws your life closer to the Father
and instead of resisting,
you long to just drop the rope and run to Him,
to be there all the more sooner.

I'm not going to take this news as reason to be negative and sad about life. I'm taking the news I heard as a moment of God truly helping me reach out and further pray for this dear friend.

I've been frequently worrying about a friend, JP, I lost total contact with. He'd been doing well spiritually and his a Christian, but is known for slipping into phases where he totally abandons his faith and leans on drugs or rebellion or trouble to solve his problems or make himself feel better. He's genuinely a sweet, true person, with amazing talent, wisdom and intelligence beyond his years. I really admired him and look up to him...

The other day, I left him a comment on his Facebook profile, asking how he was doing and how I miss talking to him. Just today, a friend of mine sent me a message talking about how she had a friend in class that roomed with JP, and how he's had warrants for his arrest and has recently been arrested for theft. When she heard this, she remembered seeing me asking JP how he was and immediately felt the urge to tell me what she knew about JP so I could be updated and aware. I felt it was a blessing from God, that this friend I rarely talk to, thought of me and my concern for JP, to communicate back to me about him. Even if it wasn't good news, at least it was news. At least he's alive.

I hope...

So, this blog is asking for prayers for my friend JP. That he can be tugged closer to God and arrive back at His throne to give up all this stuff he's going through and just surrender himself... he can get very far in his life if he doesn't screw it up, and he needs to give this over to God before he can ever find peace and rest...

Even though I hardly talk to him and hardly see him, and probably don't know him as well as I know other friends, I feel spiritually connected to him in a way that's different from anyone else; it's a connection on the desire to help this brother in Christ who is struggling entirely too much. This brother in Christ who has given me so much advice and wisdom, and has affected my life to inspire me to be a better follower of Christ. Not being able to talk to him directly and see him is a test of my faith in God, I believe -- to still pray, ardently, and out of sight is NOT out of mind. God is always with JP, whether he sees it, and even thought I'm not there.

Thank you all for your prayers.


Cheryl said...

I'll be praying for JP. Thats sad about the news you found out about him though, but cool how you did get that information from that friend. Thats awesome your not giving up on him. I want to start praying for Lee again too. Lets hold each other accountable, to not give up, and keep praying for them. *hugs ^__^

Meghan said...

Yeah, definitely. ^^

What made it better was that it was Krista Hensley that told me about JP -- she said she instantly thought of me and wanted me to know, and how she said she told me this so I could be praying for him. Which really blessed me, considering she's not really religious or spiritual at all yet she respected me and knew I was and knew that it would help for me to know that about JP. I can't explain why, but it was a real blessing to hear from her in such a kind, considerate manner. :) Especially since we hardly talk.

Cheryl said...

Awww!! That is really awesome! Krista is soo cool. ^__^ She was always so nice to us in like Creative Writing and stuff. ^__^

Meghan said...

I know! ^^