Thursday, February 25, 2010

Design show surprise

So today there was a design student art showing in the Nigh Center of our university. It featured various picked work, the best work, from design students of the current year, in all classes. It was exciting to walk up the stairs into the very laid-back mood of the showing, eating my little finger foods and seeing some of my own work displayed --

no, it was behind exciting, it was an AMAZING feeling. I felt really honored. Because not only was my work picked to be displayed, it was picked because they figured it was among the BEST to be displayed, which was what was the best about it. It was also really inspiring and motivating to see future projects we'd be doing in classes, like book covers, portfolios, typography design, etc... I really felt in my element mingling and viewing all the work, especially when I saw my own up there.

Even though I feel like I'm flying under the radar in the design program, little moments of motivation and encouragement come along to excite me to keep pushing through it. Though I found out today that I'll probably be taking summer classes to keep on schedule with the program, and to be ahead of the game, I'm still really excited for even those classes. It'll keep me motivated and un-lazy during the summer when I really need that motivation the most.

Once I get digital copies of my projects, I'll just mass upload some of them on a blog. One of the projects posted in the show was the Cirque du Zombie poster that I had blogged about last October (it was only a small thumbnail, but still pretty awesome) for example.


Johanna said...

OKay. I was gonna say "SHOW US SOME MORE PICS PLZ"

Congratulations, girl!! That must be SO exciting!!

Meghan said...

Haha, I will eventually! We're revising our work for final portfolios, so I'll probably post some before after type pics. :)

and thanks~! It really was exciting <3