Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ship in the sky.

Against the inky cobalt sky are
dots of stars that glitter
in a white purple hue.
The strokes of clouds curl around
one another,
creating the shadow of a 
flying ship,
sailing the night's ocean blue.

Watching this ship sail
are two sisters, 
who are illuminated only
by the glow of the wane moon.
They stand shoulder to shoulder,
eyes to the sky,
musing on tales,
passing whispers of Peter Pan,
pirates and fantasy.
Childhood dreams, 
forever friendship,
all while the ship slowly sails.



Johanna said...

Eee it's so mystical! <3

Meghan said...

I know right?! XD

Cheryl said...

AHHHH!! AWWW!! That was beautiful!! X3 I loved it!! Awww!! haha!! XD and i know who those two sisters are. ^^ <3 Luff you!!

Meghan said...

Teehee! <3 I was so inspired I HAD to write something :D