Friday, December 18, 2009

My spiritual gift.

A few weeks ago in Sunday school, we were talking about spiritual gifts. Some of them are: healing, prayer, ministry, leadership, prophecy, tongues, etc ...

I'd always wondered what mine could be, but I think I've figured it out, slowly. I haven't really prayed about it yet, but with my own realization ... I believe my spiritual gift is healing or prayer.

The spiritual gift of healing I believe is actually being able to psychically heal people, like the laying on of hands ... but I think the difference with me is that it's healing to the point of emotional and mental healing for others, through advice, listening, and prayer. There have been instances where I've talked to a friend, even over text messaging, and have prayed for her and she told me she felt immediate peace and comfort after talking to me. I'm usually the one people open up to, or want to talk to, even if they're extremely close friends of mine or not; even if their problem is something going on with their family, or about a crush they have on a boy.

What makes me think I have a spiritual gift of healing/discernment, is because I haven't really ... been through much in my life to give me wisdom and experience with situations. I've had a blessed, safe life, without much really happening to drastically change my opinion and standing on things (save for some relationship issues, and my salvation choice...) but with stuff like family problems, suicidal thoughts, drugs, alcohol, sex, domestic abuse... I've never had to worry about those things. I've never had a direct experience with them. Yet, I'm able to somehow find the words to say to people who are going through things like that. I'm able to pray for them and they find peace for an instance. My parents say I'm "wise beyond my years", that I have a lot of wisdom for someone my age that hasn't even been through any of those things... I think of it as the Holy Spirit in me, the Spirit's wisdom speaking through me. 

How else would I know what to say? 
What to pray? 
How to tell if someone is going through something?

"Healing" may not be the precise word, but, I do feel like there's some sort of spiritual gift in that area... discernment may be the term, I'm not positive. I haven't prayed about it, but I have this feeling that God is tugging on my heart to reach out to people and pray for them, or just see if they're okay.

I'm really blessed with this revelation. :)


Cheryl said...

I think that is your gift too. ^^ you've helped me and so many other people, your're a wonderful listener, and people are drawn to you. *hugs* love you girl! ^.^ <3 I know God blessed me with you as my best friend. I really dont know how I would have gotten through some of my hard times with out my bestie. ;_;

Meghan said...

Awww! *clings* ;o;
Thanks so much sweetie! I really just feel positive this is my spiritual gift. I want to strengthen my other abilities too though, like leadership and witnessing. But I know I'm already strong in one, and that makes me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING for God, when I have sometimes felt like I'm not doing anything or enough, you know?

*hugs* Thanks so much I love you too bestie! ;o;