Friday, September 2, 2011

Cooling off blog. :D

So I've been rather emo lately in my blog posts I've noticed. D: I'm going to post a positive blog, yay! I'm really not like sad or anything a lot guys, I guess when I get down in the dumps at all I tend to write blogs to let it out... which is sometimes the only time I write blogs, so thus, it seems like I'm always sad.

So! This blog is gonna' be a list to remind me of my blessings and then things I'm really looking forward to.

My blessings...
- My amazing friends; I seriously don't know what I'd do without a lot of you. You lift me up when I'm down, I can be myself completely around you guys. We laugh together, cry together, do everything together. I always look forward to seeing you guys, and even if college keeps us apart more often, we're always still woven together spiritually; so we'll never be apart forever. :')
- My family; I don't get to see them as often as I'd like now that I'm on campus again, but they're always supporting me and encouraging me. Though I get frustrated and complain about them time to time, I know that they're only doing what they do out of love. I'm starting to understand that more, and it's truly a blessing.
- School; yes, this is a blessing! Haha, I'm blessed to be able to go to school, to have my parents support me through school part way too. I'm blessed to be getting an education in my field of choice and go through it at my own pace. I'm blessed to be challenged daily (though it is very stressful) that will only make me better.

Of course there's so much else, but, we'll keep it there for now. :)

Things I'm excited for..!!
- Izumicon! Art tables! Working on cosplay (not in a stressful way this time XD)
- Fall weather
- Fall/winter fashion
- Christmas :D
- Another semester ov'ahh!
- Hip-hop battles
- Hanging out with my homies. <3

I'm just tryin' to look at things more positively now, instead of bitterly or pessimistically. It's actually a lot harder, but I used to be so much more optimistic, and that sort of got cut away at with time and stress I guess. I want to rebuild that outlook again though, because it would honestly make everything a lot easier.

Well, that's pretty much it, pffthaha. XD Take it easy guys!


Mattie Elizabeth said...

Peter Pan! O.O Two weeks from tomorrow! GASP! lol

I love you Meghan!

Cheryl said...

I love you Meghan! ^^ <333 You're amazing, and a PCOG! Never forget it. And I really cant say it enough, Im so proud of you. ;w; really, I can see you growing so much even if I cant see you as much anymore in person. ;_; I can tell you are working hard for your dreams and not giving up. Its really inspiring. ^^