Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Who run the world?

Finally, I have an evening to myself where I can just chill and relax. It's probably my only night of the week I just have to do nothing if I want to, so I'm going to do just that. I probably still need to work on homework, but I don't have to rush around places or go to the design lab or here or there, or work, so I'm very happy. I got to take like a three hour nap so that's helping significantly.

Soooo, basically I'm learning from all this Ethan/boys at the con drama to not push at Ethan anymore; being too persistent or clingy or annoying. REALLY backing off and letting him indulge in his creativity and inspiration like he wants to. It's weird, I've felt like this in the past, feeling too clingy, but this whole situation sort of put things in perspective for the final time I guess. I'm feeling a lot more used to stepping away now and not really being all over him, and I guess his weekend was sort of the final test of that. I sort of failed by being whiney and clingy again and crying, but now I'm just like "whatever!" He was talking to me earlier about how creative and inspired he was feeling for working on projects and crafts again that he really wants to now that commissions and convention stuff is done, and it was really nice to see that. I guess it does really make him happy and I'm sort of stunting him from that happiness. So I'm going to give that to him more, and bother him less. He'll do his own thing, I'll do mine.

BUT LADIES! Looks like it'll be all about the gals in our groups from now on, to ourselves. HECK YES! I'm sort of in a girl power mood right now, and I think it's the excitement about all our girl group stuff coming up.

So, Vocaloid and Sailor Moon will be super fun and awesome, and AKON is going to be freaking amazing :D The more I think about it just being the girls, the more excited I am -- NO BOY DRAMA, LADIES! Just our awesome, good-lookin' selves in our lady power cosplay, lol. It'll be a nice relief to have some girl time. I think I'm constantly focusing on "me and Ethan" and making him happy and focusing on him and our problems that I'm forgetting about hanging out with my gals and indulging in my own time -- my girl time. I love you all and miss you terribly already! D: But! We will all hang out soon and need to keep hanging out regularly cause Izumicon was just too fun :P <3

I LOVE YOU! This next month and next year is gonna' be so freaking fun! :D

Freaking Beyonce's song rocks -- guess what I'll be listening to all week? Haha!



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Cheryl said...

Haha yes!! Im so looking forward to just girl time too! :D it will be a blast! and omg!! New year is coming! Geuss what that means??! New art binder buying time!! Thats one of my most favorite things about the new year! we all going to wallmart getting new art binders and then decorating them together! ^.^ yay!! and Im glad things are going a lot better between you and Ethan. ^__^

Meghan said...

Waah hahaha, me too! :D I need to fill UP my current art binder first though, gah D: I'm so behind! I have hardly any finished pieces. I'm gonna' try to finish some at least. @.@ I miss having a life, lol.

I love you gals! <3