Friday, November 25, 2011

A change in passions..

I'm starting to wonder if my passion for a career is really in graphic design or not.

I mean, I do love it, but at the same time, I'm discovering a passion I love even more -- photography. It's such a free-feeling, magical art. You can travel to different sites, you capture all sorts of beauty.. I'm just an amateur, but I feel the most inspired by photography. Lol, I blame Adella's "The Zelda Project" where they are doing this massive scale of Zelda cosplay/photography where the characters have just LITERALLY come to life... they're so stunning, nearly perfected, in this world and setting that seems so surreal, but is so real, and out there somewhere... Such stunning beauty, I was in awe of the mastery of their craft, but also, at the mastery of the photographer.

Luckily, graphic design and photography can go hand in hand, so it's not like I'm "wasting" my time right now -- design is a very, very good trade to learn, and it'll definitely get me a good career. But I am seriously going to study photographer even more seriously, so one day I can be as amazing as a photographer as high end fashion photographers, or Indigo (the one that shot the Zelda pictures below from The Zelda Project). I'm starting to see a whole 'nother world that excites me; cosplay/costume photography, fashion photography and design, etc...

What's nice about being young is that you can make changes in your life decisions, but at the same time, I can't just keep straying too far. Lol, luckily enough, graphic design/photography and pretty much anything else I'm seriously considering as career options, are all relatively close to one another anyway, and definitely strengthen each other. Maybe I'll just be a designing, photographing, illustrating MACHINE when I get out in the work force one day. That'd be great! XD

But seriously, LOOK at these pictures, OH MY WORD. They're so... beautiful. *___*


Cheryl said...

Francis Tuttle offers Photography classes if you are interested! :D and I can totally see you doing photography and design in the future! you are already an amazing photographer. :DDD I say always follow your heart. Love you! <3

Cheryl said...

Oh and I love the Zelda Project photos too!! *___* First time I saw them I gasped out loud and was like in awe for several minutes. lol!! XD

Meghan said...

Yeah! For reals, I think I'll take some sort of photography classes at some sort of tech school like that over the summer, cause I'm pretty sure the classes at UCO would be hard to balance with my other design classes already.

Thanks for the encouragement sweetie! <3 *hugs*