Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Swim for brighter days

... despite the absence of sun".

Probably my new favorite song, "Swim" by Jack's Mannequin.

Sorry for no serious posts for a while guys. I was gonna' try to do update ones about all my summer activities, post pics and all that jazz, but I got too lazy, lol. I like blogging, but I am not meant to be a blogger apparently. At least a serious one, I can blog and write for fun all I want xP Mainly just to talk to you guys and keep you updated.

Gosh, Legend of Korra, giving me so many feelings. I will probably write out a seperate blog before the finale just dumping them all out. Feelings about all the drama, the romance, the Mako-Korra hate. I've read a lot of good analysis on Tumblr and want to share it. Analysis from all sides, I'm trying to remain uber-neutral until I just can't be neutral anymore. I don't want to get biased cause that ruins things, haha~ (though I was always bias about Zutara vs. Kataang o.< but whatever!)

ALSO, trying to remind myself -- even though I love it, and it's amazing, it is just a television show. I should invest so much emotion and time and worry into it as much as I do, haha. Hopefully this gets fixed

After seeing Mattie's to-do blog, I decided to throw one up too. Oh dear, here we go.


- Make new, accurate shirt w/ collar
- Order leotard for under shirt
- Re-do suede fur skirt thing (new fur?)
- New shoes
- Re-do arm-bands/upper arm band
- New solution for hair accessories?


- Order fabric for duster and arm things
- Make duster and arm things @_@
- Buy shorts to modify (athletic shorts)
- Zippers for shorts, buttons for skirt
- Buy tank-top (sweetheart neckline)
- Make skirt
- Find boots
- Wig?
- Rinoa's ring necklace?


- Fix/brush through wig
- Take in vest, add details/hardware and finish up
- Add details/hardware to hip pouch thing
- White trim on socks
- Try everything on and figure out more adjustments if needed

The ONLY way I can have a third one is cause Yuffie was more than 70% done anyway and has been sitting idly by, waiting to be finished.

Cosplays I'm thinking of wearing when:
Friday -- Yuffie
Saturday -- Rinoa
Sunday -- Korra.

If I don't bring anything, it'd be Yuffie, and only if I need to put more focus towards Rinoa and Korra. But if not, I'll probably re-wear Korra or something. I discovered from AKON not cosplaying isn't nearly as fun xP

I agree though Mattie -- I sometimes want to hesitate looking up pics of other cosplayers cause I'll just find amazing ones with amazing photographs that blow me out of the water. And I'm like "why try?" that's equivalent to the feeling I got seeing that other Korra at AKON. But we need to quit defeating ourselves and take that as motivation to make ourselves even better. Be the best we can be, and just have fun. We all want to make it into a contest to be the better one, but what does that title even give us? If we only stress out and freak out and worry over cosplay, even if we're the best, is that really the fun way to go about things?

IDK, I'm trying to think reasonably so we can all quit beating ourselves up. I know it's hard though, cause I definitely go through it too. :'/

Let's have fun guys and do our best!

All this drama makes me miss the original Gaang.

Those were the days...

I just want the Krew to figure everything out, and be happy. <3


Mattie Elizabeth said...

I guess I don't mind investing time and emotions.. I don't have anything better to do rofl.

Sigh, cosplay has its pros and cons. It's hard sometimes, it really is.

Meghan said...

haha, I guess that's a good way to put it xD I just get stressed out and attached to these characters... way too easily. >.o

But yeah, it really does, ugh
I know for sure it affects all of us. So we need to all just encourage one another and uplift one another. I'm also trying to not diss other cosplays whether they're badly done or even "slutty" or diss them if I'm hating on them cause I'm jealous cause I tend to do that too :'( I don't want cosplay to bring negative habits about how I act, you know?

Cheryl said...

I agree.... I'm going to try harder not to say any negative things about another cosplay I see as well. If I don't have something nice to say, Im not gonna say it. Also... I watched something last night that I want to talk to you, Mattie and Sable about possibly tomorrow at our Korra Finale party. It really opened my eyes... a lot. and I think it will help you all as well with our self esteem stuff we have been going through. :) Love you meghan!! :D