Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Progress update!


- Make new, accurate shirt w/ collar
- Order leotard for under shirt
- Re-do suede fur skirt thing (new fur?)
- New shoes
- Re-do arm-bands/upper arm band
- New solution for hair accessories?


- Order fabric for duster and arm things
- Make duster and arm things @_@
- Buy shorts to modify (athletic shorts)
- Zippers for shorts, buttons for skirt
- Buy tank-top (sweetheart neckline)
- But material for skirt- Make skirt
- Find boots
- Order wig?
- Style wig- Rinoa's ring necklace?


- Fix/brush through wig
- Take in vest
- Add details/hardware and finish up
- Add details/hardware to hip pouch thing
- White trim on socks
- Try everything on and figure out more adjustments if needed

Made a lot more progress on Rinoa stuff -- ordered fabric, wig, ring necklace, as well as got basic shirt and shorts. Now it's just on to the waiting for stuff to come in, modifying things, and then making the skirt and finally the duster/arm bands when the fabric comes in. OH, and finding the boots. Gah! BUT, even better -- I got the wig and ring necklace for under $25, combined! I'm so happy! (I just hope the quality is good on both though, haha, that's the only fear...) 

I need to get some Yuffie and Korra stuff done this week too and I feel really accomplished. Especially now since we've practiced/choreographed some of the dance already! Today has been super productive, which makes me super stoked and excited. It'll be a good night's sleep knowing I got stuff done.

Now to practice the tutting some more, and then go to bed to wake up to anoter productive day of studying for my Biology test, bleck.

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Cheryl said...

Yay progress!!! :DDD I can't wait to see everything when its all done! and thats awesome about the wig and necklace! :D weeee!! finding good deals is always a good feeling. ^^