Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fire and Water.

Hello guys!

How's everyone doing? Easter is soon! I can't wait! I love Easter time. Going to church, soaking in the story of Jesus' resurrection and being reminded just yet again of His love. <3 and="" as="" at="" being="" break="" cold="" family="" friends="" hope="" i="" least="" m="" of="" p="" shows="" sick="" soon="" spring.="" spring="" the="" this="" up="" weather.="" well="" with="">
I got paid today... nice paycheck! >:0 but, alas, it goes so fast... A good chunk went to fill my car up with fuel. Another chunk is gonna' go to groceries. And then I bought some boots I'd been wanting and searching for, and budgeting for. Still, they were like... $78 after shipping /sigh, I'm nervous cause I just want them to fit alright so it won't be a headache. And if they're durable and good quality they'll last a while so it'll be worth the money. I haven't spent good money on shoes/clothes in a while, so it feels nice. I just want them to be here already. :P

So I have almost 1/3 of my paycheck to last me two weeks... I just gotta' budget and be tight with money. I can't wait to live with my parents again, ugh, saving will be so much easier. I don't have to chunk money towards groceries every week and a half, or eating out to get by when I don't have groceries... I still have to return the incorrect CD that Amazon store owner shipped me when I tried to order my FFVIII soundtrack, so, that'll get me about $20.... I'm such a penny pincher now >.<

I may also try to sell some clothes/books/movies/etc... get some cash, put it into savings.


I have so much I have to do. Between homework, work, and my other graphic design job, I'm being run thin... I always have stuff going, or stuff I should be doing, I don't honestly ever get a break where I can TRULY relax. I think the last time I had that was the cruise. I feel like I haven't slept well in a month or more. I just nee da day to crash, relax, rejuvenate, treat myself and get my mind off everything. OR, get everything done I need to get done and then just have a heck of a time relaxing and having fun until the next round of stress boots up.

I need to finish things outside of that too: birthday presents I owe people (not because I feel I have to, but because I WANT to, dangit), drawings, favors for people they've asked me, things I've promised, etc...

I get so behind, I'm sorry guys :'// You all KNOW I love you, so if I can't pull through with plans or something like a birthday present right away, it's not because I'm avoiding you or just don't care, but because I'm genuinely THAT busy and overwhelmed or broke, lol. I may get one evening I'm allowed to have "open" and that's usually spent trying to recover/sleep....

I can't WAIT until summer though. Even if I have class, I'll have a lot more open time.. so that'll be spent rejuvenating and being with friends and family.

A lot has been going on; things changing soon. I'll be moving out, me and Lara won't be living together anymore. She broke up with Cody, that was pretty emotional and rough... I'll be moving into my senior year after this semester. Enrollment is happening next week, I gotta' figure out financial aid/FAFSA stuff. I just wanna' be a little kid again with no responsibility when everyone else takes care of you and you just have fun and be wild and imaginative. Ah well. I guess there are benefits to being an adult too, obviously. :P

Ethan and I were kinda' insecure earlier this week... well, at least I was feeling insecure. Long story, but after Lara and Cody's break-up I got anxious and felt worried and started questioning Ethan's feelings. When I talked to him about it, he made me feel a lot better. He mentioned our chemistry, how it blended well and worked well together. Sure there were things we both want to change or work on, however, he's still happy just as I am.

He mentioned our chemistry like fire and water, ironically, haha. However, he believes he's more like water and I'm more like fire. But this is what he said..

"My even temper is like the water to your fire, but the fire keeps the water from becoming cold, unfeeling ice."


Well... I guess I better get to work before going to bed... I love you all and I hope everyone is feeling blessed in their lives!

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