Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bright young women, sick of swimmin'.

Today... was great. The weather was fantastic and beautiful. I slept in (through church unfortunately :'//), but, I feel rested finally, the first time this week. I almost finished laundry, I got groceries and ran errands. I finally got mini-Moleskins so I can FINALLY have a portable to-do list to check off and keep adding to. Is it dorky this totally excites me?!

Naka-kon in two weeks or so. I'M SO READY. I'm ready for a con, for a weekend away with friends. For spring break in general, it's gonna' be fantastic. I asked for the day off after Naka as well, so I can have recovery time cause I assume I'm gonna' be working a lot over Spring Break. Ah well, money is good to have. :)

I can't wait 'til summer either... <3 a="" about="" and="" annoying="" are="" as="" at="" be="" but="" career="" college="" create.="" d:="" design="" do:="" do="" draw="" get="" graduating="" guys="" i="" it="" just="" last="" ll="" love="" m="" many="" me.="" my="" nbsp="" next="" o.o="" p="" paid="" pricey="" ready="" real="" s="" same="" so="" spring.="" start="" student.="" summer="" tedious.="" terrifying="" the="" things="" think="" time.="" to="" what="">
I'm really excited this year is just gonna' be a personal development one. Over summer I plan on taking portfolio development class, possibly some Francis Tuttle digital painting classes/Photoshop classes, either hip-hop dance class or join the karate studio again. I can't wait to swim a lot, hang out with friends, go to Tokyo in Tulsa, take photos, learn more, experience more, all at home. I want to lose weight, get fit, be more seasoned and all ready for my final year as a student. :)

Today was great, as stated, but I GOT NOTHING FOR SCHOOL DONE. O.O I just had no drive, haha. I ended up relaxing and taking it easy cause I haven't had a nice day like that. I'm just gonna' write up my to-do list and start fresh tomorrow. Ah, well. I'll just take each day as it hits me and not stress about anything. Something I'm trying to do more often. Give it all to God who will take care of me and keep pushing me.

Ethan and I watched Breaking Dawn pt. 2 together, haha. It reminded me of our evening out with the girls when we saw it XDD And how we were all freaking out. I snapped my head to him after it finishe and asked, "Well... WHAT DID YOU THINK?!" in our guy friends' typical style, he just kinda' sighed and smiled peacefully and laughed quietly and said "It was awesome..." Which is probably equivalent to "OMG IT WAS SO AMAZING AND I LOVEDDD ITTTT" to us girls. :3

I hope next week treats me well.. I gotta' do community service for that stupid alcohol incident -.-; Seriously irritated, but whatevs. I also have work for both jobs, and an upcoming project. I hope to get cosplay work done. I'm gonna' try going to bed at a decent time each night though to avoid being so behind on sleep again, and to rest my neck better.

I can't wait to cosplay Ariel. O.O I may do her instead of Snow White for our princess group. IDK yet haha, I just relate to her the most I think. Her hoarding of collectables and memories, her fascination, her daydreaming, her stubbornness, her desire to just love and be in love, to be a part of something grander than herself. :3 Ethan said he may be my Eric <3333 boy.="" fangirling="" gigglesnort="" i="" love="" p="" that="">

That's what's new in my book :)

Love you ladies! <3 p="">

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Cheryl said...

Thats awesome Meghan!!! Im glad you had a day to yourself and to relax! We all need those days for sure!! ;) and omg cosplay Aerial thatd be awesome and tooo cute if Ethan did Eric with you! GAHHH! <3 Love ya girly!! :)