Saturday, October 5, 2013


... but sometimes, maybe, that's a good thing?

I stop and look down at my scuffed boots on the rain stained concrete. It's October, and I feel it in the air: the pulse of fall is invigorating. The distant sound of rustling leaves, the smell of awakened coffee shops and pumpkin lattes. Collapsing into a warm bed on a cool day for a blissful nap. Reading yellowed pages by firelight, squishing pumpkin seeds in your fingers, laughter on your lips, dusk-time, sweaters, scarves. With a content smile, I keep walking.

I feel overewhelmed, constantly. By both good, and bad. But, is that so wrong? Is that so stressful?

How are people that aren't overwhelmed? What do they think about?

I have passion in my soul. Conviction in my being. Fire in my eyes. I'd rather get riled up and passionate than feel nothing. I'd rather be overwhelmed and busy and stressed than lacking anything to do. I'd rather be suffocated with inspiration and dreams than be left only shrugging my shoulders and curling my lips tight. I'd rather have sleepless nights than glazed eyes. I'd rather have an enflamed heart than deadness, dryness, emptiness. I smiled and clutched my bag to my chest, letting out a sigh.

aybe it's time to start embracing the stress, and embrace being overwhelmed - that's just proof that God is working in your life so actively that your body and mind and spirit are trying to keep up. Sure it's hard. Sure it can lead to many feelings; anger, depression, madness, confusion. But let's take each day at a time. Just as fall takes each little thing to become one amazing season: let's take each little blunder, each stress, each accomplishment to become better spirits shedding God's light.

It's good. It's a blessing.

Instead of dashing through the rain like all those around me, I closed my eyes and lifted my head -- soak it in, I felt Him whisper. This is just the start of the best year of your life. Await My glory for you.

I'm ready, God.

- - - - - 

Excitement<3 i="">
- Cosplaying Ariel! & Emma!
- Once Upon a Time and Korra
- Illustration show!
- Sweaters!
- Best friends <3 p="">- Cool weather
- Most of all... God's work in my life!

I love all you ladies. Seriously, my best friends. :') And I'm so blessed to have you in my life. I hope everyone is having a blessed day!

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