Thursday, October 10, 2013

He was my person.

Their first performance. I started crying watching Finn walk on and sing. It all feels so different watching it now.

I know it's just a television show, but I really connected with this show when I first saw it. Nerds and outcasts feeling like they can belong through a unified passion.

And Finn was the cool kid that broke the barrier between "social classes" in their high school. He accepted and loved them all even though he wasn't "supposed" to. He was the jock, the quarterback, but most of all? He was a charming boy with a steal-your-heart voice, dashing smile and heart of gold.

He was always my favorite character -- there were times I didn't like his character or the choices, but I usually always cheered Finn on. He was the team leader. He was their quarterback, and now he's gone. :'( He was seriously starting to steal my heart all over again and was the only shining light left about the show in recent seasons...

They did a really fantastic job memorializing him this episode though. And did it tastefully. Mainly the original/older cast sang who could be apart of it. They technically had Finn die in the show, which I thought was the only way they could do it -- allow the cast to grieve together, and have closure. Not force them to pretend "Finn" was off somewhere in the world happy and alive as ever when he was truly not. The episode even attempted its quirky sense of humor in small, tactful bits, but there was still enough genuine and raw emotion that it left me crying with an aching heart. What we witnessed was true grief, not just acting.

The hardest part was just how real it all felt. Hold close to those you love. Tell them you love them everyday, be fully with them when you are with them. Regardless... You never know when you'll lose them, or how soon. Even the young can die -- we're not invincible. As Rachel's character choked back sobs, whispering how "he was her person", it made me realize that Rachel's true actor was Lea Michelle, and Lea Michelle's true love wasn't Finn, but Cory Monteith; and Cory was gone. Lea and Cory were meant to be married in a year. Lea's person was gone now.

To me, he was Finn. And he will forever live on as Finn.

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