Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cirque du Zombie + Fashion show pictures.

"It has been stated that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world." - Chaos Theory

In Design Foundations II (my college course for my first step in majoring in graphic design), we had an assignment called the "Chaos Connection". The theme and point of the assignment was to find connections to completely unrelated things - starting from the process to get our idea for our poster, to actually finding the materials to make said poster. 

We started off with making a 6 foot "mind map", and two words - one emotion, one object. My object: paintbrush. My emotion: sad. We write those words on opposite sides and then just start making correlations and connections; what do we think when we think "paintbrush" or "sad"? What do we think from there? And so on and so forth ... the mind map ended up being easy to fill, even though 6 feet appeared daunting at first.

So after we turn these in, we go through our mind maps and find clusters of connections we think would make excellent "ideas" for an advertisement (whether it be a public service announcement, product ad, or poster advertising a new movie coming out). My 3 best ideas came out to be: "Cinderella's carriage crashing on the way to the ball, but she has insurance - so she makes it." ; "School kids in detention, dressed in jail clothes. A poster to slap up in educational facilities to warn kids about 'detention practically being like jail - so don't get in trouble in the first place'." ; and an ad for a "Zombie Circus". 

I ended up having Zombie Circus being the strongest. 
And that idea came from "paintbrush" and "sad". 
Didn't think it'd work? 
Yeah, I didn't either.

SO, after a lot of thumbnails, composition ideas and final touches, we find out our FINAL poster will be constructed not by illustration or use of a computer - we must FIND all the materials, and create a selling, winning image. It seemed extremely complicated, especially since she eyed me cleverly when she said "This is especially a challenge for all you illustrators. You can only do small-spot illustration, and ONLY use the computer to create your text. Go to work!" 


After many game magazines, making zombies from VOGUE models, creativity, surprise friend visits with gummy worms later, I created a final piece that she approved of, crafted out of multiple sources, as well as some work of my own. I'm very proud of the final piece, and another final that was close in the running, but I'll show you some pictures of what I'm going to turn in for my grade. 

Some details ....
This was the final piece. :)

Now on a totally unrelated note (or IS IT unrelated? *lame attempt to segway to chaos theory previously stated...*) Here's some photos from the amazing fashion show Cheryl and I went to last Friday night! 

This was my favorite by far.

This one... so casual and cute. :)

Rockin' the big sunglasses.

Modern day hippie. Lovin' it.

So comfy but so chic!

LOOVE her shoes.

Such a cute dress. I want one of these.

Love her expression + pose. Turns out I know her from History class!

Cute pattern and color!

Red pumps + multi-colored scarves = awwwesome.

I guess that's it, Meghan signin' out. :)


Johanna said...

Haha, I actually really like that poster! Thats such a good idea with the two words thing- I might just do that O_O only- drawing. Y'know. Illustration.

And my favorite was definitely the first one!

Meghan said...

It really is! If you're ever in an illustration block, just shoot for that, it'll work for sure. :)