Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cosplay talk.

So, for this upcoming anime convention, Izumicon, (middle of November) I was planning on being Katara from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

I ordered it a month plus more ahead of time, but, it seems to be taking quite some time ... I'm assuming it won't be coming in on time at all, sadly... However, on the optimistic side, at least I'll have the cosplay for next year, as well as the Avatar premiere this summer (being the nerd I am, I will attend that ...) as well as any other sort of small time anime conventions that come along the way (Suncoast parties, cosplay photo-shoots, or random mall outings). 


But instead of the late-coming Katara cosplay, I'm thinking of still doing Katara, but the Southern Raiders wardrobe. Here is a pretty good shot: 

I'm wondering how easy it would be...
I got boots; I can stuff my jeans in them to make them poofy. I'll have the armor on the legs.
All I need is some sort of black cloak like that, a cord around my waist, and some blue gloves.... and I've got the hair loopies/hair style figured out. Think it's possible?

I'm thinking about it. 
At least, it'd be recognizable as Katara. 
And warm, and comfy... 
and there to represent this amazing episode. : )

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