Friday, October 23, 2009

Fireflies and fashion shows.

"Cause I'd get a thousand hugs,
from ten thousand lightening bugs
as they tried to teach me how to dance."

I'm listening to that song "Fireflies" by Owl City, soaking in the amazing lyrics. It just sends my mind in a whir of inspiration, with fireflies on warm summer nights, skipping in cotton dresses, and dreams. I love fireflies. C:

And, I love the summer - HOWEVER, since it'll be a while 'til summer again, I'll have to put up with winter.
I'm making a positive list of things winter brings:
- Scarves, boots, leggins, cute fashion
- Visits to coffee shops
- Fire in the fireplace every night
- Falling snow
- The turning of another year

It keeps me from focusing on JUST the cold of winter, I suppose.

Tonight I went to a fashion show at my university with my best friend, Cheryl. It was sponsored by Miss Asia of UCO, a fundraiser for the scholarship, and was put on by the girls of the multicultural club I'm assuming (most were Asian girls, however). The fashion was all extremely cute, and inspired me to draw, as well as dig through my closet and put together new outfits. Of course, thinking about it, I just need to add new pieces altogether to my wardrobe - spice it up a little bit.

Afterwards, me and Cheryl visited a friend we hadn't seen in a while, and then came back to her house to drink very delicious rose hip tea, while listening to French music and talking about books or drawings or boys, haha. There is nothing like girl time - I hardly wanted to leave, and hated that I had a curfew. 

Maybe I'll post pictures of the fashion show later, if I remember to upload them to my computer. Hmm. How about some writing?

"I didn’t realize it, but small drops of salty tears hit the glass, and I sighed, bitterly closing my eyes. My mother passed away when I was twelve, and it crashed our world. If he was the fast-paced graphic designer of a big-time advertising firm, my mother was the laid-back, nature-loving one, with all the time in the world. She was the first one to discover the clearing, my meadow; vividly, I remember the day she led me out to it. 

There were so many dandelions, and sunflowers, and trees and such tall, tickling grass. It was warm, a day in May, the perfect spring season that year. She knelt down and explained to me that sunflowers were her favorite flower. 'They’re like the sun reaching down and growing in the earth, just for us to hold,' she said softly as she plucked one and handed it to me with a sweet smile. 'And dandelions are the flowers of dreams, wishes. God created them for us to wish into, and our wish will be released back to him.'" - from "WISHES"


Cheryl said...

Yay!! even though winter has its down sides, I'm really happy you listed the postive things about it. ^.^ X3 and don't forget poety readings with the fire place. lol! X3 And yay for putting together new outfits!! I want to see!! and we should go accesorie/hat shopping some time! XD Awww, last night was so fun! I seriously missed like just hanging out with you. I didn't want you to leave either! >< Next time we should plan a sleep over!! XD And like help eachother pic out cute outfits and stuff! XD and draw fashion, and our fairies. XD And the writing is soo beautiful! ;_; <3 What is Wishes? is it a story your reading/ writing? =D

Meghan said...

HAHA yesss to all the above.

And WISHES is the official title of the Alice/Lyric story :)