Saturday, November 7, 2009

Are we human, or are we dancers?

Tonight, I had the privilege of attending the Kaleidoscope Dance Recital, with one of my newly made friends - Lara - and her parents. It was $4 to enter as University of Central Oklahoma student, however, the price would NEVER have mattered in my book with the experience my eyes got to see.

The Kaleidoscope dancers are a mix of people; boys, girls, some dance majors and students, some graduated already with their performance degrees fresh at their fingertips. The dance styles varied from tap, to modern, to hip-hop to classical ballet. The performances didn't last long enough if you ask me; they seemed to start just as they ended...

Each dance, no matter what style, was like ... smelling something new. Waking up to a new day. Putting on a fresh, warm cotton shirt of a different color. Each dance had it's own personality, tone, attitude, feeling ... There was somber, haunting or evocative; there was fun and warm or friendly; there was fast-paced, determined, and each one was equally BREATHTAKING.

Watching the last act, a very upbeat, strong performance to Beyonce's powerful, touching song "Halo", showed me just how much I miss performing. When it came to actual dance performance, I only had a year with my winterguard my senior year of high school. However, I had just barely brushed with my lips the high that performing brought; it was an out of body experience, ripping out your heart and slamming it on the ground. Demanding that attention, capturing the audience's eye and hearing them wait on baited breath. The adrenaline traveling through the dancers around you, audibly displayed through brushing hands and thumping feet. Hearing all that applause, seeing the camera flashes ... Even before dance/winterguard performance, I had marching band performance, which carried its own high as adrenaline traveled through the music and drill execution, the emotion you supplied. 

But also watching these dancers put their heart out, I realize how dancing has been the one activity that honestly drains my mind of anything that could be bothering me. Whether it's stretching and relaxing, or upbeat performance, it focuses my energy and centers my mind on just the execution and emotion I need to put into it; whether I'm performing in front of people, or by myself in my living room. 

Performing, no matter what, is such an experience.

So tell me: are we human, or are we dancers?


Cheryl said...

I think we are dancers. :) I wish I could have joined Winter Guard. ;_; it sounds wonderful. I miss that feeling of performing too. :( haha, I some times dance in my living room also. ^__^ I'm glad you had fun at the Dance Recital. *hugs* ^^

Meghan said...

It really was, I regret joining it earlier. :(

x3 *hugs*

Johanna said...

Dance is the only art where our whole physical selves are expressed :> It's the most natural art, I think.

I used to dance when I was much younger. I was in tap and jazz... ... ;; I want to dance again.

Meghan said...

It's also the most universal style of communication.
Another reason I love it.
There was one modern dance they did where they talked about all the language barriers, and cultural differences, but the clarity through all of it was obtained as they danced with one another.

No matter if you're French, Mexican, Japanese or American, dancing, no matter how culturally different THAT is itself, is so universal spoken without speaking. LOVE. :D Plus, through dance people open up to more culture (learning African or salsa or cha-cha, etc ...) and expand their horizons that way, when it comes to learning the actual language a lot of us hesitate.

But yeah :D I'm done rambling now.