Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The sky's bow-tie.

The Sky briskly dons himself in velvet black,
charming, dashing,
his shoes polished and clean.
He pins a bow-tie of stars on, 
and they seem to reflect the glimmer
in his eye.
He's nervous, but remains calm, 
waiting on his darling that is
the Moon.

And as she comes, 
she's beautiful.
Gently rising,
curled in a dress of dewy clouds,
and yawning stars.
The Sky takes her, and he's breathless.
Moon and Sky, they waltz together, embraced
in love.

= = = =

Inspiration came on the car-ride home from a movie this evening (the movie, ironically, being a very laugh-out-loud, Disney comedy that has little aesthetic sense, but, whatever). I was watching the sky through the window, and saw stars that looked in the shape of a bow-tie. This spun from that.

The Sky is such a perfect gentleman, holding the dear Moon all night. :)


Johanna said...

Awww it's so sweet!! ^0^

Meghan said...

Haha, aww, thank you! <3

Cheryl said...

That was lovely dear. ^-^ <333

Meghan said...

Thanks sweetie!
I'm reading this, and my other nature poetry at our poetry reading. <33