Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'll follow you into the dark.

I found this video through that creepy video you posted, Mattie, with the FF girls and their eyes all blacked out, lol. It was so creepy!

But this video... aaahhggahahah, soo beautiful. I almost cried. Squinoa forever <3

I'm feeling a little sad and down that Ethan isn't going to AKON now, but I'm not going to let him know. I'm just tired of fighting it with him. He didn't like the idea from the start, the only reason he was on the fence of even wanting to go was because of me and then it being easier and cheaper on everyone else if he went. But now he's like seeming more sure he doesn't want to go for many reasons, which just sucks and makes me sad cause it'd be nice to have him there, I love going to cons with him, but I'm not going to try to sway his opinion anymore.

I'm just tired of being let down and disappointed by him with this whole AKON business, so I'm giving in to whatever he wants to do. Whatever :(

But, it'll be fun if it's a girls trip too! I'm excited either way, I'm just bummed and annoyed the guys are never really reliable, you know? Like how hard is it to just be like "YES" or "NO" from the start, instead of being evasive and confusing. Idk, I guess we'll learn from this. Anytime we want to do AKON in the future, we shouldn't even approach the guys about it. And Andrew will still be there with Tripoint if we ever feel spooked or nervous or anything. We'll just take extra precaution and we'll be fine. We'll work it out.

I have Digital Illustration this weekend again, and I'm stoked. I'm learning so much in that class, painting digitally is so fun! I also have some cosplay stuff to work on. I'm just so stoked I don't have too much homework left for the semester; almost through it, almost surviving, and then summer will be amazing.


Mattie Elizabeth said...

I love that video!

It is kinda bumming... but I had SO much fun going to Arkansas even though it was a small con. But just being able to be us girls and to chill was awesome. XP

Love ya Meghan! :3

Meghan said...

Yeah, my parents said we'll probably have more fun ANYWAY. Cause if the guys don't want to be there, but go, they'll just be gloom and doom and drag us down.

WHO CARES. We run the world. >:D