Monday, April 30, 2012

Light up, light up.

I am so stoked right now!

Legend of Korra is AMAZING so far, it's making me freak out every episode and just crave more. I can't wait to see what happens! I can't wait to learn more about the characters, meet new ones, and just watch everything grow and progress. I'm sure there tons of twists and turns as we go along, but I'm ready for them! Rock and roll, baby.

Like I've said before, I just feel so much inspiration from this show. The entire Avatar series, original and new, is definitely my favorite show, hands down, animated or un-animated. Just everything about it is stunning -- characters, story, diversity, animation, visuals, action, romance, humor... It's such a fun fan-base to be a part of, and I love finally being apart of one. I was never really into Harry Potter and all that jazz, and Twilight was sort of a phase, but Avatar has been strong since I first tore through the series a few years ago. And now that Korra is out and I can follow it episode by episode, my love for it is even more strengthened! It's just an amazing show.

And truly inspiring -- Korra has been an insanely inspiring character to me. How she's a strong, independent woman, who has faults and flaws and isn't the stereotypical female anime kinda' character. I love that her hair is in a messy ponytail; I love that she has baggy clothes and a tomboy-ish appearance. I love that her shoulders are broad and that she has strong arms, and big hips. I love her darker skin, and bolder attitude. I can't stand when I see people hating about her cause she's not "white" or "skinny" or is too "manly". BAAAAH! Nonsense.

I'm going to the fabric store today to pick up the last set of fabric for my cosplay, the pants fabric, and I'm going to get started on her soon! I'm hoping to get the pants, hip-jacket thing and shirt done before I leave for NYC -- so when I get back and in between my Florida vacation I can work on the smaller accessories. Having her done by AKON would be real treat, but if not, she will definitely be premiering at TnT. :)

I can't wait for AKON! I was driving the other day and praying about stuff that we can raise enough money to get there and have it be stress free, but then it hit me: most of all, I prayed that we can keep it in mind to be our mission-field when we're there. I want to be a light to those cosplayers and convention goers -- and Becky, what you were saying while we were at Mattie's really re-ignited that passion in me. I really feel called to witness to them too, and just be that light. It's hard to explain, but I see myself in them a lot -- different from "normal" people, unique personality, different interests. They probably feel alone a lot, or like they aren't up to the standards of society's idealization... I don't want to get wrapped up in worldly things of conventions and cosplay, but instead, utilize those that hobby and passion for God's glory by witnessing at conventions or being a light there. Even just prayer walking. It would be the ultimate dream and desire of mine, cause it's truly a lost world and mission field that many people ignore or don't even consider.

Let's remember to keep being lights wherever we go, and shine bright for His glory. :)

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Cheryl said...

LOVE YOU MEGHAN!! Amen!! To being witnesses at Akon!! Prayer walking is such a good idea!! Lets do it!! :DDD

and yay!!!!! Cant wait to see you as Korra! You will be amazing!! ^^