Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cosplay update, 5/8/2011

Wuhhheewww, AKON is in roughly 4 weeks. 4 weeks! :O AAGGGGH. I don't feel ready...
But now that school is done, I can really work more and focus on it. I'm gonna' do this! >o< And try to relieve some stress by getting a lot knocked out before I have to start a job up again.. Buh.

Lesse! What is there to do?

Season 3 Watertribe Katara:
- Redo the leg and forearm armor.
- New Velcro for Necklace.
- New pendant clasp for necklace.
- Dry clean.
- Tannnn. 8D

Fire Nation Katara:
- Anklets, necklace and upper arm pieces need to be made.
- Paint braclets gold.
- Make necklace/choker
- Fire nation hair piece thingy needs to be made
- WORK OUT MORE Dx Abbbbssss.
- Make sure blue contacts I already have will still work ><
- Trim hair up
- Tannnn. 8D

KH2 Kairi:
- Repaint rubber on shoes to black (too chipped off).
- Find better belt for around waist.
- Buy new stone necklace.
- Touch up Kairi Keyblade

Formal Katara: DONE! <3

- Make base skirt
- Make scarf
- Make base shirt
- Make apron thingy
- Find shoes?!
- Make belt
- Bowser broach & triforce belt buckle
- Order wig
- Order elf ears
- Modify skirt to fit better around waist.
- Trim on skirt
- Trim on shirt
- Detail/patterning on apron.

Rave Kairi:
- Sketch out/start planning ideas
- Buy TONS of glow in the dark stuff to work with!
- White, pale pink fabrics, etc ...

Decided to cancel out swim-wear Katara. Not enough tiiime! Dx

Goals for this week! (not including the weekend):
- Take in/modify Malon skirt to fit better
- Start on Malon skirt trim
- Make Malon base shirt
- Order elf ears
- Dry clean Katara
- Start on/finish fire nation Katara necklace
- Tan some
- Get hair trimmed

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