Friday, May 13, 2011

Productive! :) Cosplay update, yet again.

I've actually gotten a lot done this week, or, since my last cosplay update post. :) Tomorrow I'll get even more done since we're having a cosplay work day practically all day, so that'll be exciting! However, I'll go ahead and cross some shtuff off the list here. Eventually I'll just completely take items off, some of these are getting longer than they actually need to be, haha.

Season 3 Watertribe Katara:
- Redo the leg and forearm armor.
- New Velcro for Necklace.
- New pendant clasp for necklace.
- Dry clean.
- Tannnn. 8D

Fire Nation Katara:
- Anklets, necklace and upper arm pieces need to be made.
- Paint braclets gold.
- Make necklace/choker
- Fire nation hair piece thingy needs to be made
- WORK OUT MORE Dx Abbbbssss.
- Make sure blue contacts I already have will still work ><
- Trim hair up
- Tannnn. 8D

KH2 Kairi:
- Repaint rubber on shoes to black (too chipped off).
- Find better belt for around waist.
- Buy new stone necklace.
- Touch up Kairi Keyblade

Formal Katara: DONE! <3

- Make base skirt
- Make scarf
- Make base shirt
- Make apron thingy
- Find shoes?!
- Make belt
- Bowser broach & triforce belt buckle
- Order wig
- Order elf ears
- Re-make skirt
- Re-make scarf
- Trim on skirt
- Detail on shirt
- Detail/patterning on apron.

Rave Kairi:
- Sketch out/start planning ideas
- Buy TONS of glow in the dark stuff to work with!
- White, pale pink fabrics, etc ...

Decided to cancel out swim-wear Katara. Not enough tiiime! Dx UNLESS I can find a swimsuit that's similar-ish to it. I'll keep my eye out anyway, I guess.

Goals for this week list (from Sunday, 5/8/2011 to Friday, 5/13/2011):
- Start on Malon skirt trim
- Make Malon base shirt
- Order elf ears
- Dry clean Katara
- Start on/finish fire nation Katara necklace
- Tan some
- Schedule hair appointment

Goals for this upcoming week! (from tomorrow, Saturday 5/14/2011 to Saturday 5/21/2011)
- Re-make Malon skirt
- Start/finish Malon skirt trim
- Finish Malon apron
- Start on fabric painting details on Malon skirt & apron
- Finish Malon belt; buckle and everything
- Get hair trimmed
- Work out everyday! Drop another 3-5 pounds :)
- Tan
- Dry clean Katara
- Work on/finish Katara accessories

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