Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy birthday to me.

I don't know.

Today's just been really lonely, and really boring... Alone all day 'til five, went to dinner, but then that was sort of my parents and brother being like "well, let's just go and then get back so we can watch the Thunder play and make sure the storms don't get us" so if I wanted to have more time out and about, I couldn't. Possible bad/dangerous weather kept us in all night and even then it was everyone doing their own thing.. just laying around the house.

I need to quit being like a little girl and hoping in birthdays to be magical and I need to start getting realistic. They're just any other day. When you're twenty, it's time to grow up, not make wishes.

Time that I learned this.


Cheryl said...

Awwww Im sorry Meghan, I would have come and visited you if I could drive. :( And dont worry, your B-day will be magical when you can celebrate it with your friends. ^^ And who says you cant make b-day whishes when your 20? You make as many as you want dear. :) Parents when ever their kids get older and grow up, sadly dont really celebrate bith days as much. I guess they just think its for little kids. :( and Im sorry about the weather messing stuff up.... and. UGH the stupid Thunder Game.... :P But any way. Im sorry yesterday wasn't the best. I hope when ever you have your B-day party it will be a lot of fun. I love you dear! ^__^

Meghan said...

Yeah.. I guess. my b-day party won't be for a while though cause not everyone can do it this saturday. So, it won't even feel like a birthday party once it happens. ._. I don't know, last year was such a good memorable birthday on the actual day of my birthday, but this year it feels like it was just overshadowed by weather and the stupid basketball game... it just didn't feel special at all.