Friday, June 3, 2011

I want to go to the beach.

Or the mountains, a forest, a crystal cavern in a rock...

I wish I was going on some sort of relaxing vacation this summer. Conventions are fun and all, but, they're always going with tons to do and tons of people. Something relaxing and meditative would be nice; perfect for isolation, reading and thinking, as well as growing closer to God and being still in silence. Maybe I can convince my parents or something; it's been about two years or so since a vacation like that. A beach would be excellent though; I love being near the water, feeling it swamp my ankles, sand between my toes... It's so relaxing and soothing, I feel drenched in peace and inspiration.

Ah well, sometime soon I hope. :)

Other than that, AKON is right around the bend! When did this happen? It always felt like something far away, that we'd always be counting down the days too; now it's here! I think all our stress and time we're putting into it will be worth it though. However, we should definitely learn from this experience and not stress ourselves out so much again, haha. Conventions are fun and all, but they shouldn't turn into a job or run our lives or anything.

I'm feeling more confident in my fire nation Katara cosplay. I'm still working out everyday from now 'til AKON though as hardcore as possible to burn off as much fat as possible, and tone. Hopefully by TnT I'll be even closer to my goal!

Admist all of these upcoming conventions, I'm also thinking about Izumicon already, is that awful? Haha! I'm very excited to have a table to sell art, but, I need to get to drawing/coloring this summer or I'll hardly have anything decent to sell, aah! I need to train myself on fast drawing too for commissions sake. We'll do a lot better this go around and really tackle artist's alley the right way, yes Cheryl?! Yes. :)

So You Think You Can Dance? has started up again and I'm addicted already. SUCH beautiful dancers and all types of styles, aah! It makes me really excited for hip-hop in the fall, but also, I really want to dip my toe into some contemporary or modern classes again; it's such a beautiful and expressive style, I truly adore it. Also, ballroom dancing -- I'm going to try to make Ethan take classes with me, however, that may be easier said than done... Oh well, might as well try right?!

That's all, folks!

PS: I'm lying in bed rather lazily right now, not because of choice, because of no choice. Last night I did one of those "sleep on my neck awkwardly and horribly wrong" I guess, cause this morning I woke up to searing pain and stiffness, and now I can hardly move my neck/head or even twist my back. Even my arms are weak. *sigh* I tried getting up to walk and just got dizzy and sick feeling, and started hyperventilating.

So now I'm just lying in bed with my laptop. I almost think it's a God intervention thing -- I've been going non-stop all week, either working or going out for cosplay days, I prayed last night that everything could just work out as well as calm down, that I could hear Him more clearly through it all, and I guess he literally stopped me to get my attention. It's kind of cool in a wt really -- prayers are answered not necessarily how you would originally think, but God does answer them. So today is all about not really doing anything, resting, and listening to God. I'll probably try some reading too, maybe also catch up on anime. Just be still and calm. I think it's needed.

Aah, I'd love for my hair to be that long..!

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