Sunday, June 26, 2011

Giving you your space.

I feel nothing but clingy lately, or always wanting to be with you, probably too much. Always texting or talking to you, wanting to hang out, go out and do something, etc.... I don't know how you're feeling about it, but, I will give you your space. I see you are tired constantly and feel drained from work, but you never can turn me down if I ask, that's why I see what I need to do and that's NOT ask and not inquire for your company as often. I am not upset with you, or angry, or hurt. It's nothing like that really; it's me knowing what I can do to help you instead. it's an odd feeling of acceptance and hope that with more time apart, we'll only become closer and grow through this.

I can't tell you all of this because then you will try to sweep in like you always do, and make me feel "better"; you'll feel bad, you'll take what I'm saying as me being upset with you and you'll try to overcorrect. No, that's okay; I know you too well now, so I know I can't tell you this.

This Sunday has been very peaceful so far; I went to church, then had a comfortable and yummy sandwich lunch at home with my parents. I sat outside for a bit afterwards and soaked up the sun, feeling it engulf me and warm my body. I think later on I'll do some drawing, or read, do a quiet time, and just relax the rest of the day away; take this time of more distance to really have some me-time, and peace and quiet.

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