Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Baby, you're a firework.

Fireworks/4th of July shenanigans were funnn! I love swimming, and want to swim some more. Let's all have this pool party, seriously! I also seriously want us to all plan a theme park/Six Flags road trip after TnT's over... Roller coasters! Marry-go-rounds! Fattening cotton candy! Aah! I also can't wait 'til for that day at the daycare when we go in cosplay, that will be so fun!

I'm off the next three days, so I'm super stoked to catch up on some drawing, reading, gaming, and everything else I've been sort of busy to do.. I probably should work on cosplay, but for some reason, I'm in a cosplay slump, not really feelin' too inspired to finish Malon @_@. I need to play some Ocarina of Time again and get that inspiration back! However, I'm super stoked for my water tribe/hardcore Katara again. I like fire nation Katara, but there's just something about her watertribe look and attire that makes me feel stronger, more like her, more in character. I just hope my wig comes in on time. @_@ Avatar group at TnT guys! We'll have a Suki and a Sokka there too, so photo opportunities for sure! However, I may leave Kairi at home -- I can't decide if I want to wear her to TnT or not. I kind of just want a day of no cosplay to just chill and enjoy the con. Who knows, we'll see!

Soooo! I was bored and sat on We<3It for like, ever. LOVE that site.

Some pictures I guess! Inspired from my recent mood/feelings and current loves; strength in myself, relationships, chill-time, reading, Pokemon, nerdiness, summertime, and Zuko.

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