Monday, July 25, 2011


So, I'm going to take a hiatus from the Internet for a while. :/

No serious reason. I'm just not getting much done when I'm constantly on the computer; checking things, updating things, writing blogs. I spend so much time here I could be doing other things, and accomplishing other things I want to.

I'll probably come on every now and then to check if you all post stuff, but I won't be writing anything. Besides, not many people even really read/respond to my stuff on here anyway; I'm sort of just writing to myself. It may not be worth even writing anything at all anymore.

I'm considering an entire Facebook hiatus too. But it may be more like only one hour a day or something, even if that means split up into ten or fifteen minute intervals throughout the day or whatever. I just sit on the computer all the time. I need to get out more, exercise, read, draw, do other things. I know telling myself that I'm going to just rip away Internet entirely never works; let's be practical. But, I need to go at it with that mindset of going on less so I can refocus my attention on other things.

I'll be on and off I guess, like I said, reading any new posts, briefly checking Facebook, posting stuff/checking stuff on dA. But, I probably won't seem as active for a while because I'm going to try not to be. I need to put being on the computer and social networking down a notch in the priority list.

Today's just been sort of glum. I hate seeing everyone so down, and I feel like I'm not even helping anyone lately anyway. School starts in less than a month, and I'm excited, but still sad too. Summer's over, and honestly, it's felt like nothing but unbearable heat, convention stress, crying/frustration and drama. I've had a few good days and times for sure, but it's honestly not been the summer I was hoping for. Mainly cause of the weather, it makes me cranky when it's this hot and it's impossible to enjoy anything outside anyway. I also never got a vacation to somewhere naturey or to the ocean like my parents promised; so I'm rather bitter, still, I guess. Oh well, maybe next year. :/

Anyway, last post for a while guys. Thanks for reading.


Cheryl said...

Hey Meghan... I'm sorry I haven't been replying to you or Matties posts recently, Its not like Im not reading them though, I read your girls blogs every day. I guess Ive just been busy and just have time to read them, but not taking time to reply. Please dont feel down. hugs. :( and i have a feeling all the negativity your noticing is from me. and im sorry... you always help me meghan, please dont feel like you dont. I actually have to tell you all something that I found out from my sister that surprised me yesterday. I'll share it will yall in a blog or something. but yeah... it kind of explains a lot of things about why Im the way I am. :( and and I'll miss you, but leaving the internet for a while is good, i hope it will refresh you and you'll have lots of inspiration to draw and write and read and stuff. :) Im sorry you didn't get to go on vacation either... and i mean we may not be able to go camping it depends on John... but I bet seeing that ethan and me are going camping is making you sad... I'll stop talking about it if you want? :( I dont want to make you feel down. I wish you could come with us... any way, call me today if you want. :) I dont go into work till 2.

love you Meghan. <3

Mattie Elizabeth said...

I miss Meghan <3

I love you! And your blogs. And your face. And everything about you. You're wonderful and thoughtful and so full of wisdom. Thank you for always being there for me, you don't know how much it really does mean to me.