Sunday, July 31, 2011

I fail at hiatuses.

But, I can only stay away for so long, blogging is too fun. >o< Oh darn.

I have been drawing a lot more lately though; like jeez, Zutara Week makes me draw madly, and everyday too. I need some sort of themed week for, like, every week of the year to get me through drawing/practicing everyday. I really need to make myself draw everyday of some sort though. It seems like during school I do more drawing, I don't know why, but during summer when I have tons of time, I always fail to use that time to draw. What's with that?


Summer is coming to a close, GUH. Back to school soon, back to livin' on my own too. I'm working hard to be more independent too, my savings account is officially set up and I have $100 so far! Whoo! :D Haha, that may seem measly, but it's a big step for me I guess. I'm not the most frugal of spenders, but, I'm trying harder now and I see myself making progress. I'm wanting to save up for things like road trips or traveling, or big things that mean more in the long run. Also, start saving up for my future: house, bills, expenses, etc. Is that weird? I just want to be cautious and use as little loans as possible, for anything really.

OH OH. I've been reading We Were There (a manga) and watching Princess Tutu, and both are making me all gushygushymushy romantic and dreamy lately. =w= I can't help it though! Aah, I'm such a sap for romance and cuteness. We Were There is kinda' intense at times though; I'm just waiting for something super awful to happen or something it's totally building up. And Princess Tutu is SO GOOD. Ohman. Probably one of my favorite anime. The story is so intriguing and I love all the characters. Mmm, Fakir is probably my favorite though... I always seem to go for the broody/redemptive/secretly a softy characters.

I've been really relaxed and peaceful lately, reading, drawing, etc... but not entirely. I need to rely more on God for peace and contentment as well, instead of relying on daydreams, romance, reading, drawing or quality time with friends or my boyfriend. Especially with school in full gear soon I need to be leaning on God for peace and study more in my Bible. I want to be a better witness for Him, and do better this year about my spiritual strength. Uh-huh, it's going to happen!

So much I want to do this summer still though... read, draw, go swimming again, have more friend shindigs, do some just chill relaxation time, spiritual and otherwise. My parents are going to Kansas City the weekend before school starts, and I'm thinking about going with them too. I guess I wish I could've vacationed to a more nature-based place, like the mountains or the ocean, but getting out of Oklahoma at all right now sounds amazing. I'm so tired of baking in an oven, IT'S JUST NOT RIGHT. D:

Fall, where are you?!

Oh... and right when I stop looking, stop expecting, stop just wishing or hoping, he surprises me entirely. When I just let things go how they should, things work out perfectly. I'm letting out a huge sigh of relief that my prayers were answered. God's teaching me to let go of the reigns, and fall back gently; He'll carry both of us. He'll show us how to just live and love in the relationship, not try to control it how we want to see it go. It's a relief to know that when I just let God have control, it works how it should; things feel lighter, natural again. Like they used to be. :)

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Mattie Elizabeth said...

Fakir is def my favorite <3

Haha, I love Princess Tutu. It's so good and sad.

I'm sad but also glad that summer is ending. I'm ready for fall and school.