Sunday, July 24, 2011

Legend of Korraaaaaa

So, I watched the trailer.





I'm so excited.

The animation seriously looks like perfection, Korra looks like one freaking awesome chick, and I'm just so excited another series related to my favorite show EVER is coming out soon! Ah! I wish I was at Comicon to have witnessed the trailer for it's first premiere, like, in person ;-; and met the creators of Avatar and gotten their autographs... *daydreams*

Anyway, if you haven't seen it, just type in "Legend of Korra" trailer in Youtube, it's UH-MAY-ZING. ImsoexcitedIjustcan'thideit. And maybe they'll get the shipping RIGHT IN THIS SERIES. :| haha...*cough*

Overall, yesterday and today were pretty good :) Yesterday I had work twelve to eight, then I came home and ate pizza and watched a really cute chick flick with my mom, "Arthur". It was SOOO cute! They had a quirky kind of love story, and the whole moral of the story was really great. Apparently it's a remake of an old movie though. Today was church, lunch with friends, then running an errand at the mall with my parents.

I was off in Charolette Rouse when I was waiting for them and looked across the way to Suncoast, and saw some cosplayers standing outside -- Vocaloid, to be exact -- and freaked out a little bit. I totally remembered then though about the anime party going on, and felt less like I was going crazy. I mozied on in there and ran into Mattie and her cute bunch of brothers and sisters wearing Avatar cosplay, yay! It made my day. I wish I could've stayed longer though, but my parents wanted to leave. Plus, a lot of the trivia questions were Advent Children, and I literally watched that Friday, so I would've nailed trivia this go around.

I'm also just really inspired for cosplay lately, ironically, even though a convention isn't happening for a while. I want to do some newer cosplays, I was thinking Serenity from Yu-Gi-Oh!, my Painted Lady one, and possibly Yuffie from Advent Children too. And maybe Trainer White from Pokemon Black/White. I can't decide! I guess in my downtime I'm going to start planning for conventions/cosplay/our art table so when the time comes for it, I won't be so stressed. Plus, with school and everything going to be taking over my life pretty soon, I can't afford to procrastinate on cosplay and convention planning. Around Halloween time though, our boss is letting us dress up! Aah! So I definitely would like a new cosplay by then, if not, I'll probably just wear Katara or Malon. :)

But, we all should go to another one of those little anime parties or something in comfortable cosplay and have a fun little time, then wander the mall in cosplay or something and take pictures... or go bowling in cosplay. Baha, those would be fun!

Public humiliation for the win!

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Cheryl said...

I want to watch Legend of Kora really bad when it comes out but I dont have nickelodeon. ;_; maybe you guys can record it for me. XD but ahhh it looks so awesome, and Kora looks so hardcore! you should do a cosplay of her meghan! X3 and wahh thats soo cool you ran into Mattie and all the kiddos at the mall, I wish I could have gone. But tiger wanted to watch the book of Eli with me. and well it was a really good movie, haha, but I always miss not going to a cute anime party. ^^ maybe there will be more soon we can all go to together. :)