Sunday, June 5, 2011

Motivation to do, ability to not.

Gah, I hate the lovely irony of how when you injure yourself or are incapable of really functioning normally, you have ALL the motivation and desire in the world to be super productive and get things done.

My neck injury is seriously annoying -- how is it I've done marching band, dance classes, hip hop, modern, jazz, tumbled and fallen tons of times, twerked my body in weird ways tons of times.. yet, I hurt my neck and back the most simply by SLEEPING on it wrong? Same thing happened with my knee -- I dislocated it awfully just by WALKING. What the heck, Meghan!

*sigh* Oh well. Like I said... maybe it's a God thing literally stopping me in my tracks to keep me from constantly going. I need to just be still and calm and allow my neck and back to heal. I really hope that's soon though; I had to call in to work once already and I don't want to have to do it again, or even see the doctor if I can avoid it... As well as, I REALLY hope it's healed by AKON.

So now I'm just sitting in bed with a heating bad on my neck/back area, and it feels really nice.. but, I'd love to be working on cosplay or getting things ready for AKON, or cleaning my room, drawing, anything.. within the next couple hours I'll try to be productive I guess and see how I'm feeling.

Well, I guess this blog was kinda' pointless. Oh well, it helped me kill a few minutes I guess. AKON soon, GAAH!

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