Friday, June 24, 2011

Comin' home.

Seeing this dance made me nearly cry; I don't know why, but something about military soldiers reuniting with their loved ones, families, spouses, friends, whoever, always gets to me, even though I've never dealt with it personally. I just can't imagine that agony of having your husband or fiance or something being out of the country for a year, or two years, everyday a risk of him never returning... So to see him finally step off a plane; your soldier, handsome and grateful and alive and smiling, those feelings of overwhelming relief, love and gratitude couldn't be described. I can just see it in wives' faces when they see them come home; how they leap into their arms and almost never want to let go.

GAAAH! It's so beautiful. Just like this dance is, man. Talk about language of the soul.

This is also probably my favorite style of dance; lyrical hip-hop. It's just so moving, and so powerful and strong, but so beautiful and soft at the same time. Contemporary and ballet and jazz is great at it's own time (sometimes harder to understand), but lyrical hiphop has just always fascinated me the most. It's still expressive without being too abstract, and it always tells a story. Heck, even normal hip-hop is amazing; nothing but raw energy and excitement and performing. I love it! I'm so excited for intermediate hip-hop in the fall.

On top of it, the choreographers of that piece dub themselves "NappyTabs" short for Napoleon and Tabitha, a married couple who dance hip-hop together. Their choreography is soooo genius, their concepts stunning and their emotional storytelling through such a strong dance style is timeless. Probably my favorite choreographers.

Here's some more of their work. :)

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Cheryl said...

Ahhh I love dance like this too, its so powerful! Im sad I cant take another hip hop class... booo... :( but maybe I can come and see you dance! ^_^