Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's all winding down.

School is about to start again! Less than a week away. Man, where did time go?

I guess I'm bummed summer is over, but also, ready for school to start. Ready for change, for new memories and experiences. And even though stress and challenges will come along the way with homework, projects and deadlines, it will make me grow up even more and mature one step further into my future. So, I'm ready to embrace it again and just accept that it has to happen sometime. Now I'll be working too, so I'll be kept pretty busy and probably always tired, haha. Hopefully I can balance everything well; we'll just see how this goes.

I've been packing the past few days to move into my apartment; this time, I'm packing even more stuff since I'll probably not be constantly coming home. I'm going to try to make my apartment feel as close to home as possible; so that means new decorations and I've probably spent too much money already, bahaha. A lot of my stuff in my room is from my room here at the house, like throw pillows and wall decorations, but I did get some new things. I'm excited to keep decorating my OWN PLACE, as well as learn budgeting for groceries and household things. I want to learn independence and this has all definitely been one step towards that. It's all about figuring out what you really need and what you don't need; what you can wait on, save up for, budget for, or whatever. It's all about having money in savings, and trying to find the most efficient way. It's all kind of fascinating, really.

Enough of that though, I'm sure it's not fun to read about. Haha. Overall, summer was okay; it wasn't entirely what I wanted it to be. I didn't get a nice, long vacation, or get to go to the beach like I wanted... I didn't get to really swim a lot or do a lot of different, fun things I don't normally have time for. I felt a lot of my summer went into convention preparation and conventions (which was very fun, but a lot of it stressful and at times rather dramatic, you girls know what I'm talking about), and if not that, then just working or sorting through relationship and personal issues. *sigh* Maybe though this summer was meant for that; a time to sort things out with myself and grow up a little bit... I guess we have to do it sometime. I can't expect summer to always be endless parties, constant swimming and relaxing or always getting to see friends or go shopping or go vacationing. Sometimes, summer is a transitional period that we can must take time to learn from instead of running from. Maybe next summer will be my relaxing, adventurous summer.

Anywhoodle! We're going to Kansas City tomorrow. Mainly for a Red Sox baseball game my dad really wants to go to, but baseball is always a fun sport to watch, so it should be exciting. After that we'll check out the shopping there; I'm excited I guess, but, I can't lie in saying I wish we could go to some naturey place where I can just soak in the trees or mountains or ocean for three days. THAT would be perfect. Shopping is great and all, but nothing beats relaxing in a beautiful place, surrounded by nature...

Oh well, maybe over fall break? I'm hoping so!

Gah, time to go back to packing, and hopefully moving things in and getting settled in will go by quickly tonight. I need to get some sleep for the drive tomorrow.

Love you all! <3

BTW: I feel like I'm slowly reaching my goal of longer hair; so I think after this next hair cut, my next one after that will be the short-hair haircut. And if not THAT one, then definitely the next. I'm getting excited for some change with my hair finally!

So, I'm thinking my hair cut similar to Alice's, a la Eclipse-ish style. I've had this similar style before and it looked pretty good. :) What do you guys think?


Mattie Elizabeth said...

I like that hair cut! And after you and Cheryl get your hair cut, we'll all have short hair! Haha.

No, but next Summer let's have a road trip to the beach. Or go spend some time at a lake or something. Or go to California! That would be fun. Something fun and adventurous.

I'm ready for school to start. Less hours at work and time to be away from home. I'm ready mentally to be out of my parent's house and I'm so close to being able to. Plus I'm a lot better on my diet during school because I'm so busy versus during the summer when I'm bored and lay around the house. XD

Meghan said...

Haha, I totally agree :) I seem to do better with dieting during school too, cause I just restrict what groceries I buy, only eat sandwiches with my meal plan, and there's our amazing gym I can go to for free in walking distance.

On top of walking everywhere for classes and staying busy working on homework or projects, I rarely think about indulging or snacking. xO

And I TOTALLY agree with that plan of vacationingggg next summer. I think it'd be great to all go do something together non-conventiony too, spread our wings a little and see all of America out there... or at least the prettiest parts of it :D Haha!

Mattie Elizabeth said...

Yeah, we should go to California! That's non-conventiony! And we could go to the beach too! :D

Same here. Homework and stress keep me busy lol. I noticed today that I didn't really snack at all but I was so busy and excited that I had free time and what not! Haha.