Thursday, December 15, 2011

All I need is the air I breathe.


I seriously feel like it was the longest semester of my college career, haha. So much stress, anxiety, late nights or all-nighters, drama, crying, being angry, feeling numb, feeling useless, untalented, etc... I know that all sounds awful o_o but it's rather true. However, it takes semesters and times in our lives like these to really just grow and become more mature. I'm now excited to see what's ahead of me from here on out.

I'm going to be taking way less classes next semester though, so that'll be a relief. Also, the classes themselves shouldn't be nearly as demanded as Package Design and Illustration II was, yeesh. Along with two classes that required a butt load of studying and note taking, it was not a good semester. Next semester though I'll be taking Computer Graphics II (where I'll learn applications of illustrator/photoshop, etc... and some interactive media, like Flash and Dreamweaver), Inktank (which is a studio course that allows us to work with REAL clients in a professional, work place setting), and then Contemporary Moral Problems, History of Graphic Design II and a couple short courses -- History of Typography and Digital Illustration. I may or may not be enrolling in Cartooning and then auditing out of it (I've already taken it w/ an A, so I'd only be taking it for the experience and extra practice) but we'll see how that goes over; my instructor suggested me to when I talked to him about it like he had a plan in mind or something. Haha, depends on my hours though so we shall see.

But man! It feels so good to be free of stress for a little while. To only worry about work. Well, kind of... I DO have SOME design stuff to work on over the break. We're revising pieces to be entered into the Addy's, a design contest; if the teachers think we have work that's worth entering, and that they think can win, they'll enter it in for us for free. It's a really great resource and networking tool, as well as a resume and portfolio builder. With Addy's under our belts, design firms and studios in the work force will take us much more seriously. I'm stoked! I just wish it wasn't over Christmas Break. .-. Oh well, ya' win some you lose some. At least I don't have 4+ classes and working ON TOP of it, haha.

I'M GOING TO LIVE UP THIS BREAK TO MY FULLEST. Seriously. Here is a list guys. :D

- Read some books and manga!
- Finish some anime!
- Write!
- Exercise! >:O
- Get caught up on video gamin'
- CHURCH!! <3 :D
- FAMILY!! <3
- Getting caught up on SLEEP <3
- Earnin' moneys!
- Everything else I never have time for!

Here goes! I'm so stoked. <3 And I get to see your guy's faces more! Even better!

PS: I've found a new addiction -- Pinterest. D': It's like a We Heart It, but more organized and customizable. It's super fun and addicting, I love it. Lara got me started. I'll have to invite you ladies if you're interested! <3

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