Tuesday, December 20, 2011


not about material things or possessions or checking off everything from the lists your grandchildren/children gave you.
It's not about getting XBOX 260's, Wiis, or the hottest music or movies.
How many times I wanted to say that through gnashed teeth today was innumerable.

I've never been outwardly treated so badly, ever, in the workplace. People literally being so sarcastic and rude right to my face, making me feel stupid or incompetent, wanting this and that, makingme fetch it for them to just snootily change their minds. Or asking for my opinion and not taking it at all. After about the third occurrence of such blatant, spoken rudeness only an hour or two into my shift, I went into the bathroom and had a miniature breakdown. I prayed for strength, but also prayed that people would understand that this is not the intention of Christmas; this is NOT what this season, this holiday is about. Working at Vintagestock during this time has certainly opened my eyes WIDE to just HOW BAD that is. I'm sure people that work at other places, like Best Buy or the mall, feel that way too. It's INSANITY, literally. People are so selfish and just treat you horribly if you don't "accommodate them" -- when naturally, you are literally being as patient, nice, and accommodating as possible, they're just taking it out on you for not getting their way. If the DVD or video game or accessory is NOT IN THE STORE, do NOT scratch our eyes out for it.


Okay. Ranting done. I came home and ranted to my parents out loud, I just had to put it up here in writing and rant too. I love my job, but everyone's job has their pitfalls I guess. It definitely shows me I DO NOT want to work in retail all my life, good grief...

I do need to get more Christmas shopping done, but I just honestly feel put out with shopping and buying stuff in general. I guess it's true; when you work somewhere like that, you start to get burnt out on merchandise and what not. On top of I do not want to get carried away with Christmas present shopping and forget the true meaning. I'm trying harder this year to draw and create more gifts for my friends and family instead of just buying them, or if I do buy gifts, have them be more personal. This year though with the Christmas party, I feel worried I should shop for everyone going or someone's feelings will be hurt... Idk how I'm gonna' go about all of that just yet, but I know for my closer friends obviously they'll be getting more.

Overall though, my break has been well received and much needed. I've gotten to sleep and rest A LOT, as well as just have time with my family and friends. I loved our movie night ladies, it was SO GOOD getting to see you both for more than just an hour or so! >o< <3 Plus I'm getting to spend more time with Ethan so we can iron things out in our relationship finally. I think we just needed to see each other without the stress of school bearing down on my emotional button all the time to make me a wreck. As well as see each other more to sort of initiate our restart into working on things.

I've been working out consistently so far and I'm pretty sore to prove it, haha. I'm mainly working on upper body abs, arm, shoulder, chest and back toning. I WANNA' BE RIPPED. LOL, just kidding, I just want to be leaner and tighter I guess. I was horrified at how much weight I've gained over the course of the semester, so I'm definitely working on burning that mess OFF. ._. Guh. I'm following cheesey work-out videos, but they're actually kinda' fun and really beneficial. They help keep me focused and have a set routine to work every day. I'll have to show you guys sometime, maybe we can have a work out evening or two during the break :D

I do have to do some design work over the break though (bleck!) for the Addy's award show. Luckily it's just tweaking and fixing past design stuff that will be entered. Our teacher is opening up the print and photolab a few days at the end of the break to give us some printing and photographing time before submissions are due. I can't wait 'til our Christmas party though guys! It'll be a nice last hurrah before school starts again. I'm stoked. <3

Other than that, my break is dedicated to catchin' up on drawing, sleep and everything else... I'm so excited!!

Sorry for the ranting and emotional rollercoaster, haha. Today has been like that I guess...

So now I'm going to spoil myself with some Cheerios and America's Next Top Model All-Stars. Ta-ta for now loves! <3

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