Sunday, August 26, 2012

Change the attitude.

Hello all!

Sorry about the emo posts lately, bleh. :P Stuff goin' down.

However, I'm trying out a new philosophy: if you can't change your problem, change your attitude about the problem. Thus, turning a negative into a positive.

It's worked pretty well so far.

Cody and Lara are still constantly together, constantly here, and constantly gooshy. This weekend was great, however, I was exhausted from lack of sleep (from the weekend, and from work, and from the past week as well) so Saturday night my body just crashed. However, I was awoken Sunday morning to the annoying chatter and overly obnoxious loudness of Cody. He was clinking plates and glass, singing loudly/rapping loudly, hooting and hollering (LITERALLY) trying to annoy Lara, apparently.

I lie there in bed, my hair disheveled my blankets coiled around me messily. Sun pours through the window. I don't like sleeping late, but I knew I needed to sleep longer instead of getting up now. I didn't want to shuffle out to the living room to ask him to stop; however, I didn't want to let the mindless annoyance go on. So, in my ever so temperamental style, I yanked a pillow out from under me and hurled it towards the door. It hit, and sounded like gunfire. By the time it slid to the ground, it was finally silent and I shut my eyes again.

However, that ensued the scurrying and worrying and over apologizing. I could hear Cody and Lara freaking out, and seconds later, knocking on my door. I ignored them, and fell asleep again.

When I awoke, no one was home, it was silent. A note was slid under my door, with odd scribbles/drawings on it with apologies from Cody and Lara. It seemed like it was an attempt at a serious letter that turned goofy. It was charming, to say the least, but a formal apology was still expected. I ran into Lara on my way out and she rushed to apologize for Cody and explain themselves. And later on in the day, Cody was over and apologized as well.

I guess my main problem is, "Why always apologize when you could just change how you act?!" Is it that whole "ask forgiveness instead of permission" thing? Idk, that philosophy is starting to tick me off, lol. I'm JUST asking for respect. I'm going to get a door sign/signal of some sort to display when I'm sleeping or want peace and quiet so they can see it.

But, my mind is made up -- I'll be living with my parents again in the summer, or, NOT living on campus, whatever comes first. That gives me the full year to use the on-campus conveniences (like the 24 hour design studio), but over the summer when I have no class, I don't really need to be living here. I'll live in the peace and quiet of my home, which is also closer to all of my friends. I like that idea a lot more.

I'm trying to upgrade a lot of things in my life -- I started with a new purse, and new wallet, lol. My other ones were getting shabby and used. Next on the list is upgrading my room -- new sheets/comforter, new bathroom essentials (shower curtain, towels...), etc. I think inviting a positive change like this will keep my mind off the other more annoying side of the living situation.

I've been thinking about conventions/cosplays recently -- a combo of what Cheryl and Mattie have posted in their blogs as well -- and I may sort of slowly pull myself away from the cosplaying scene as well. It really depends how things go in my life from here on out, but I honestly may not even have time/money for it as much anymore. Still attending conventions, but probably just not cosplaying as frequently. It's a fun hobby, but expensive. We'll see how things go though -- you're right, Mattie, I also want to focus on growing up and putting my money towards more useful and practical things.

I'm watching this show called Pushing Daisies, and it's super adorable! It reminds me a lot of Edward Scissorhands, the style of the movie and the quirkiness of it. It's about a guy who has the "talent" of bringing people back to life with a single touch. However, if he touches the same person twice, they die again, forever this time. But, if they stay alive for more than a minute, someone else will die. He goes through life accepting this talent, using it to help aid in murder/crime related research to ask the dead victims within a minute who was their killer, then touch them to die again. However, when one of the victims was a long-time crush and childhood sweetheart of his, he brings her back to life but keeps her alive.

But it's soooo tragic cause they have such adorable, cute feelings between them and they can't act on it at all! No hugging, kissing, holding hands, touching at all. They're probably one of the cutest TV couples I can imagine, so it's so bittersweet, lol. You want them so badly to be together but they can't Gah! I can't wait to see where the show goes from here. It's adorable cause a lot of it draws inspiration from the 50's retro style. I love it! :)

Everything else in life is going the same as always -- both jobs are doing well, school is started up and regular again, and things are moving at a decently even pace. I can't really complain, but only be grateful. I want to try to be more optimistic instead of so negative Nancy all the time.

Love you all so much! <3 p="p">

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Cheryl said...

I love you!! I'm proud of you Meghan, and just how you are handling everything so well and making positive changes. It will be good. ^__^ I hope things only continue to get better! :D *hugs*