Friday, January 25, 2013


So... you wouldn't believe what I'm watching.

Gossip Girl. Baaah!

It's Lara's new favorite show (she has to have some sort of show to watch all the time, lol) so it's on a lot and I'll be in the living room working on stuff/chilling so I'll watch it with her. It's soooo full of drama, my word. It's all about the rich and elite, and all their money and fashion and success and titles, but all the drama and crap that "goes on". Lol, it just goes to show you, money and all that status can not buy you happiness. All the drama is ridiculous but slightly addicting, lol. Like, this isn't in my life thank goodness so I'll watch all this other drama in their fictional lives.

Sure? Hahahaha.

I just want Once Upon a Time and Korra DDD:

I have tomorrow off! I'm so excited. These past couple of days were kinda' bleh, not the best. Work work work. I heard a scary story that the restaurant down the road from our VStock was robbed at gunpoint. :( Apparently it happened while they were taking the trash out which is scary because I used to do that like every night shift I worked... I never realized how dangerous it is since it's back alley kind of atmosphere. /shudders

I just gotta' pray for protection and safety... For myself, but mostly for all those I love and care for.

I'm so glad it's the weekend though! I'm gonna' hopefully get a lot done for cosplay tomorrow. As well as homework. Cause I work all day Sunday... gonna' work on some artwork too. :3 Busy busy!

To-Do list for this week:

- Grocery shopping!
- Laundry
- Catch up on 365 days :3
- Cosplay work
- Find a Bible study to start!! :)
- Clean up room and organize
- Homework and projects

Also can I just say.. I really love photography. I'm meant to be a photographer, some how, some way, I know it. I fit right in in that class, the whole thing is fascinating to me! Did you know you can make a camera out of pretty much anything? Well, an enclosed dark space, a controlled light-source, photo paper and something to use as your shutter. It's called pinhole photographer and it's wildly popular :) You can literally make one out of a soda can and capture the photo by using tape as your shutter! Gonna' be a summer break craft experiment for me :)

Once I learn even more, I'm gonna' try to take as many classes as possible. Possibly even one over the summer. I want to get better and better! And then y'all have to be my models for pictures mmkay? ;D

I hope you all had an amazing week and have a wonderful weekend! I can't wait to see y'all ladies next <3 p="">

My new favorite spring/summer look... baggy off the shoulder shirts with shorts. Gonna' thrift me some big t-shirts like these to mess with and make cute and comfy :)

This is pinhole photography :) cool huh?

This one as well. you can see the rim of the cup/can it's in! One of the clearer shots I've seen of pinhole photography. Some photographers dedicate their entire life's work to solely shooting like this :)

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