Monday, April 8, 2013


If there's any chance a human can cross into the Parallel, it's a slim one. From there, the chance of encountering your Mirror is exceptionally rare -- naturally the push and pull of life of the Real World and the Parallel keeps Mirrors and Beings from interacting.

However, I was never one to stay within regular chance.

I was in mid battle, Braden and Damian beside and ahead of me with blazing weapons and ferocious spirits. It was a normal game kill battle, trying to find dinner for the night. The sun had hit the horizon and twilight painted the sky -- overall, it was a beautiful evening. Still, quiet, lovely.

However, seeing her, it all changed around me: sound was vacuumed away, everything grew still as if time had stopped, yet the sky rapidly bled into darker colors of night, clouds streaking across the sky. She stood on the opposite side of the forest, her head turned towards me as her body remained in motion of walking -- her eyes locked dead onto mine and I was frozen.

It was truly like looking into a Mirror -- except, Mirror beings are always exceptionally beautiful in comparison to their counterparts. Opposite of my slightly wavy, mousier brown hair, hers was wild and luscious with thick waves, black as night and whipping around her face. Her complexion was perfect ivory and smooth, while mine was freckled and flushed with battle. Her lips wine red, mine were dried and chapped. Her eyes glowed the Mirror green color while mine flickered pale gray. And while I wore a tattered tunic and light battle gear, she was donned in a form fitting and elegant black gown that glittered like the night sky. She donned my face, my body frame, my eyes -- she looked like me, but was nothing like me at all.

I was entranced by her poise, her grace, her utter beauty -- it was like looking at me, how I could be if I tried. However, I knew she was a supernatural being, Mirrors all are -- no real Being could be as beautiful, as regal, as stunning, and yet, Mirrors resembled the counterpart of all Beings. A twisted world, this Parallel was.

She wore a small smirk as her gaze faded from mine. Slowly she turned away, and then, materialized. She vanished in almost the same instant I'd seen her, yet I had felt like we'd been standing there for centuries. My heart was pacing wildly in my chest -- what did this mean, that I saw her? I was terrified yet mystified -- I wanted to know more about her, but some part of me knew that I should completely run the other way.

"Emmy, what's your deal?" I snapped out of it, whipping around to face a rather irritated Damian. Braden peeked over his shoulder, lips twisted in a confused frown.

"Ah, uh, sorry."

"We get 3/4 of the food tonight since we fought for most of it anyway while you stood there like a wide-eyed doe," Damian snarled, smirking and slinging the game bag over his shoulder. "Come on, let's get camp started before nightfall."

"Right," I stated immediately. I let Damian walk by, but before Braden could as well, I latched onto his arm. He could tell something was wrong because I was shaking.

"What's wro--"

"I saw her, Braden..." I whispered, my voice trembling. "I don't know if she intended for me to or not, but in an instant during our battle, I saw her. My Mirror..."

"What?" Braden hissed, trying to keep his voice low. He seemed panicked. "Well what does this mean?"

I sighed. "I have no clue... I'm still so unfamiliar with this world. But I feel like, whatever it does mean, it can't be good."

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