Friday, April 5, 2013

Need opinions.

I would post this on Facebook, buuuuut it seems more personal to us girls. :)

I'm thinking of getting some body slimming wear... Like, shapers for torso/abdomen and hips, but they're a little bit more hardcore in the sense of they help assist weight loss. The ones I'm looking into are nude latex/spandex, but thicker, so almost like a thicker, second skin that holds everything in place and smooths, while cinching in your waist and slimming your tummy. It's not like corseting at all, nothing THAT extreme, but over the course of time there's long-term slimming. Losing about 1-4 inches in 30 days. Something about activating heat within those areas and "locking" everything to keep it engaged and always burning/tensing/working out. Like when you stand up straight and engage your abs when you walk, if you did that everyday all day you'd over time slim more and more. But it's really hard to constantly think to do that throughout a day. These just make that process faster and keep you engaged all day cause it's what you wear without having to really think about it.

This will also help with my back. I've had horrible back/neck problems because of sitting at a computer all day. This helps keep my posture really tightened and accurate so my back problems won't be as bad. And so I won't have such horrible neck pain that almost immobilizes me.

On top of that, I think it will help motivate me into losing the drastic amount of weight I want to... Like, I want to lose 50-60 pounds. I'm the biggest I've ever been, gaining drastic weight since college, even since like summer 2011... I've had no confidence in myself lately, guys. I know what you'll all say, "You're wonderful! Stop doubting! Great as you are! God's creation!" but I don't really hear it anymore. I don't believe it anymore. I just hear the negative voices my own mind is creating. I hear the stress and frustration telling me to eat my feelings away. I see all these pretty, petite thin girls and want to give up. I don't know. I hate to sound pathetic, but, I'm just being honest.

I want to do something for myself to feel more confident... I KNOW my confidence and self-esteem should be rooted in God. Trust me. That's another thing I fight all the time, this negativity and stress of this earthly battle, but then also the positivity and light that God doesn't see me for what I look like but instead for my soul, spirit and heart. I'm a phenomenal creation by Him. I understand that, but sometimes it gets hazy.

I'd like to do this for myself though. Get a little bit of that confidence back, that will then motivate me. But as stated before, my confidence and self-assurance should be in God. So, I'm gonna' start by praying about it first and then we'll see from there...

Obviously this will be included with diet and exercise >.< There's NO way to effectively lose weight otherwise than just freaking hard work. :) But that's okay because it's super rewarding. I just gotta' get something to get me started you know?

I do want your opinions though!

That was what I was thinking of getting to start. :) Yeah they are expensive, but, they're great quality with great reviews, plus, I've always wanted one as nice as this. They'd do the job! So I believe it will be worth it. :)

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Mattie Elizabeth said...

None of that stuff really works... it's just temporary stuff, you know? You could honestly not spend as much money and buy a crap ton of suran wrap and wrap yourself tons of times.

It basically is like a sweating out technique.. but as soon as you eat food or drink water those inches come back.

I think you should just save your money and do it the only way that seems that works: exercise and giving up certain foods.