Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring cleaning.

Oh, there's so much I want to do now that spring is here!

I want to organize and clean out my room... get ready to move out to my parent's house. I want to work on cosplay, shop for some cute spring/summer clothes, clear out my closet and knick-knacks, sell/donate some stuff to get some money.. Spring cleaning everywhere. :3

School has been ugh so stressful. What else is new? I feel like this semester has been the worst, but, every semester feels like that. There are just times I feel so defeated. But then other times, so successful and accomplished. Like Wednesday and Thursday were awesome. Wednesday I turned in a project and got a lot of other stuff done. I studied with Sable really hard, and our test on Thursday, we both DOMINATED it. It was so easy, I retained so much info D: 

I was so happy and relieved. We rewarded ourselves with killing time at the mall and eating some yummy Chinese food. Then I found out my poster I designed was chosen for the production out of three options. I was so excited! And felt so proud. Tons of work was worth it. It pays off to work hard.

But now I'm back to "eh, down and defeated" mode.. there's this project due on Monday, animating two 30 second videos in After Effects. Thing is, the freaking teacher doesn't teach us anything. So not only are we responsible for doing the project, we're responsible for teaching ourselves the material. Plus the turn around on this was insanely short. We got it the class before Spring Break. Yeah. Dumb. There's no way we want to work on stuff over Spring break, and even if we did, we couldn't get far cause we'd have to check in with her first. So then we still only had about two week turn around time, which isn't enough honestly. For classes and the homework they assign and check-ins they require... ugh. Everyone is extremely stressed about it. Not just me. D: It's an elective class... so I just hope that if I totally bomb it, it won't blow up in my face and mess up everything... Uggggggh, please just let me get a C. I'd be totally happy and content with a C. Is that sad? lol


I'll be taking summer classes but they shouldn't be as bad as these. I hope. LOL.

If anything, I'll have a break after this semester for about a month and then before next semester for about a month. Which is better than nothin'!

I'm so excited for so many things! Warmth, summer, swimming, hanging out with friends, bonfires, cosplay work, Tokyo in Tulsa, sleeeeeeeping in <3 and="" back="" cleaning="" div="" dresses="" life="" losing="" making="" memories="" moving="" my="" nbsp="" nights="" organizing="" parents="" shorts="" summer="" together="" weight="" with="">

So many things guys! We're almost there! We can all hang out together again soon! <3 div="">

"When can I see you again?" :)

OMG, I'm watching Adventure Time. Why did I never watch it before? It's so funny and ridiculous, hahahaha. Some parts are like, "eh, okay weird xP" but overall it's really funny haha.

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Cheryl said...

I'm so proud of you Meghan!! You are sooo awesome and have been working super hard! It will all pay off soon! You are almost done! and I'm so excited for us all to be out of school too! I'm excited for our hang out days again!! GAhh!!! love you and miss you! Hope you have a great week!