Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I only got four minutes to save the world.

Mood: Productive!
Listening: "Bleeding Love", Leona Lewis
Reading: Boy Meets Girl, Joshua Harris & Mockingjay, Suzanne Collins
Watching: Nothing yet! Gonna' start a new anime soon though.
Working on: Losing weight, design projects due, and new cosplays/cosplay planning!

Today was another snow day, and so is tomorrow! I'm wondering if we'll even have school on Friday, though I really really hope so since it's hip-hop! I love that class! *crosses fingers*

I slept in too long for my liking today ('til 1:30 *facepalm*) but, I still managed to get another page in my menu design done as well as scan in my new pictures for 365 days project and clean up the dorm a little bit. Me and Cheryl started a new group on DeviantART, titled "SaishuuOtakuShinjas" which means in Japanese (roughly XD) "Gathering Anime Loving Christians". It's cool, cause the acronym is "SOS" which means a cry/call for help or signaling for help, which is what we should always do in the quest to share God's glory; as well as what we should do, cry out to God, in need of help. The group will have any sort of uplifting artwork/encouraging artwork, or Christian themed artwork. I'm so excited to see this group grow! Plus it's fun being co-founder. :)

Today was also very memorable, because me and my roommate, Lara, got out of our dorms finally and romped around in the snow! But not just meaningless romping, no... we took an adventure to Ted's restaurant! It's about a 20 minute walk from our dorm, and it was night, with slick roads and snow everywhere and negative temperatures -- but, it wouldn't be an adventure if there wasn't a sense of risk! We made it though and they were open, and it was the best food EVER since we walked just to get it. It really made me feel grateful in general, though, for all the luxuries we have just to get to places conveniently. Americans can easily take advantage of all that kind of stuff, like cars, or even bikes, as well as the fact that everything is usually relatively close. It also made me grateful for the delicious, plentiful supply of food we do have here. Some people walk miles and miles just to gather water that's dirty, or to go to a town to get a loaf of bread that will last them the whole week. It really humbled me, even if it just seemed like something for fun.

Thought I'd share some of the pictures we took with you guys. It was a fun adventure!

So after we got back, I did some abdominal workouts and I'm feeling it! The gym is closed, so, I had to do some old-fashioned crunches, but, I'm very determined and stubborn to lose weight and get toned. I'm one step closer!

Tomorrow I plan on doing more homework, some drawing, and do even more cleaning/organizing around the room. Possibly go to the gym if it's open, if not, just do some working out here. It will be very nice when things get back in order again; I'm starting to miss the routine of classes and getting to go out to see friends and drive around and stuff. And I miss the warm sun!

Oh, I can't wait until summer.

But, snow is fun for now.

Enjoy some awesome pictures. :) Mattie & Cheryl got me inspired to start doing this for my blogs now, teehee.


Cheryl said...

Thats so awesome Meghan! Your right we do take for granted all the blessings we have in America, food and fast and easy tranportation... on the news today there is a lot of bad things happening in Egypt. The neighborhoods are being blocked off, and the people cant get to any food or their jobs. The people are starting to get violent there... My mom says war might break out... It scares me... I really feel the end times are near.. and I dont feel I'm doing enough to get ready.

Im really looking forward to however our group, maybe this is another way we can reach nobelievers out there you know? Lets do our best! >< and I'm so proud of you meghan! for doing h/w and working out and stuff. Ive been so bad lately, barely doing any h/w, or even working out. Ive been a lazy bum to put it lightly. lol! XD you inspired me though I'll work harder tomorow, if *crosses fingers* I dont have to go into work >< oh and love all the pictures. Looks like you and Lura had a good time. ^.^ Thats awesome u ventured out. Im to scared to do that. XD Love you girly!! <3

Meghan said...

Wow yeah, I feel the same way about the end times. I think it'll definitely be in our generation. I get caught up in my own life a lot and really don't look at things in retrospect that we as Americans are extremely, entirely blessed, yet, we always complain. PLUS, I get caught up in my own things and don't witness enough, or grow stronger in my spirituality to be a witness. That's something I'm working harder on too this year... I want to witness more and be more outspoken about my faith. Less in just my actions, more in my words too. *hugs* We can do this, and this group will definitely help us witness too. <3 We also have to make sure to witness more at conventions, which is why I really want to get another table this year at TnT! Becky really inspired me. :)

Hahaha yeah, I bet I'd be a lot less motivated at home... for some reason, being in just a one room dorm room is more motivating to get off my butt to do something cause there is literally nothing else I can really do if I just sit around... I get tired of doing one thing and have to move to another. Plus, I'd be dyin' if I didn't get a lot of design stuff done since it's all due next week anyway @_@;;

<3 *hugs!!*