Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday isn't for the Superbowl.

It's for God -- and I've got a lot to say on Him this blog.

Today in church our pastor talked about the current events of Egypt's invasion. He further discussed and extended on that with Daniel's prophecy of rising empires in the book of Ezekial -- which means, the last empire to rise before the end times would be the coalition of European nations, and middle eastern nations, to eventually invade and conquer Israel. And how that's slowly happening bit by bit, and this invasion of Egypt, though is an indirect cause, is just the birth of that.

I would go into further detail, but, that's really all there is to it -- our generation WILL see the end times. We're probably living through them right now. This doesn't worry me because I'm a Christian saved by grace, but, it really hit me in the gut because I haven't been doing my share of sharing God's glory and having a passion to save the lost. I need to apply the Lord that changed my life to my daily life moreso, so people can see that. Can witness that, breathe it in, and understand it. I may show His love with my actions, or patience, but, I don't show His love by just talking to people and getting it out there bluntly. I need to do that more. I need to try harder to build my spiritual life up, for everything else to fall into place. I went down and prayed with Cheryl at the altar today about it; I want to be ready, I want to be prepared, and I want to be a Warrior of Christ, not just a weak Christian who gets by going through the motions.

Because of this mindset, getting on Facebook and seeing all these dumb posts and status updates about the Superbowl or Superbowl halftime really blew my mind -- it's pointless. A lot of things, even though they may be enjoyable to us, in the grand scheme of God's greater plan and picture, at pointless. Here today, changed or gone the next. But God NEVER changes... He's the One Thing that has always stayed the same, and will always stay the same. His Love, His Plan, and His Rule. That's extremely comforting, however, I myself have fallen into temptations of this world too much lately. There's a place for all of them, but, I easily idolize and daydream and lock myself in my own world, with no trouble, with plenty of happiness and love. I don't open my eyes to God and the rest of the world around me. I'm naive and selfish.

I don't want to rub anyone the wrong way. There is NOTHING wrong with enjoying the things of this world, there are many beautiful things about it. Art, expression, freedom, love, friendship, happiness, lovely weather, fun memories, family. But what we can't do, which is what I've done, is attach ourselves too much to this world that when the time comes, we wouldn't want to let go. We need to live here, but live for a Higher Purpose, for God's purpose. Always remember that nothing can satisfy like He can -- and once we invest in Him, he will bless our lives bountifully, and we'll have joy in both our worldly life and our soulful life. We'll have one foot here on Earth, stable, but our hearts and souls and eyes towards God and Heaven. Another thing I need to keep in mind.

I love a lot of people in this world, and love a lot of things about this world -- but I know that it won't give me that joy like God does. I also know that I need to prepare myself for the end times, to be witnesses and messengers to those that don't know God, win souls for Him. I'm very excited, but slightly nervous, to grow stronger. I always worry about slipping back, and drifting again. But, I do also know, that God won't let me fall too far without picking me back up.

Thanks for reading, I know it was a very serious blog, but, it needed to be written. My mind was pouring with things I needed to say.

I still wanted to post some pictures though to inspire you. God bless. <3

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Cheryl said...

AMEN! AMEN!! Yes!! haha! we blogged almost the same time. XD yes!! all this is rushing through my mind and heart right now too! We can do this! Be witnesses, get closer to God. If we fall, we get right back up. Thats what accountability partners are for. ^^ Lets pray tomorrow about this! Prayer walk while we walk to the gym! Love you Meghan!