Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This has gotta' be the good life.

So, this week has been nothing but one thing: SNOW.



Oklahoma got dumped with about one years worth of snow these past 24+ hours, but, it's not too bad... Snow is extremely beautiful and majestic when it's untouched and glistening in the sun -- it makes being cramped inside a little bit more bearable if I can just gaze at it from the window. Or romp around in it, catch flakes on my tongue, and make snow angels, of course...


I plan on running around in the snow tomorrow and snapping pictures, but today has been nothing but being inside and working on design homework. We're designing menus for restaurants now, and the restaurant I chose was POPs -- which is this cute, retro diner on Route 66 in Edmond with an amazing landmark soda bottle outside, and a very modern/intriguing architecture design to the building. It also houses tons and tons of soda pop options, all available in vintage glass bottles. The whole atmosphere is very cute and endearing, and I'm excited to be creating its new menu! I may even see if they'd want to actually use it, and of course, that means payment. Sometimes it's handy being a design student: getting free lance money for projects I've done for actual clients is very nifty.

I've been doing pretty well on my 365 days project, though I'm still behind, I'm catching up. I can already see my art improving and becoming more fluid; I'm also accepting my challenges I made and working more with backgrounds, males, and different poses/perspectives. I'm very excited to see what this year has in store for me with my artwork; there's always room for improvement!


Cosplay's been on the brain, and I've decided on my new cosplays for Tokyo in Tulsa.

Fire nation Katara.

& Sailor Jupiter.

I'm so excited for this con! Cheryl and Mattie and I will make some wicked awesome girl groups ;) Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Moon combo, as well as Azula, Katara, Ty Lee combo! I'm so excited, it's so much more fun to cosplay as a group. HOWEVER, I definitely need to tone down/lose some weight to make both of these looks successful -- Katara's midrif shows some, and Sailor Jupiter is way thin, and wears a pretty tight fitting outfit. I'd like to lose at least 20 pounds to try to get to these effectively, as well as tone down, get some abs! Haha, bring it on!

I've been listening to the song Good Life, by OneRepublic. The lyrics, in general, are saying to really take life in, what's there to complain about? Even when things go awry or wrong, we should embrace them almost. Pardon some of the cursing, he does say "bs", but, it's a really catchy and encouraging song in a sense.

"When you're happy like a fool, let it take you over; when everything is out, you gotta' take it in."

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