Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pulled down.

I have phases where the world really pulls me down. Where I focus too much happiness in worldly things, in my relationships with people, in keeping myself busy with things that don't focus on God. I eventually reach an ultimate slump, a valley, where I just realize that there's nothing truly satisfying in this world like God's love for you.

I'm truly blessed with a lot that I'm extremely grateful for, however, there's hobby, no job, no person, no relationship, or no material item or possession that will possibly give you happiness like God's happiness.

It takes meditating on Him and time to myself to really refocus my mind again.

My prayer ...

"God, You've had a grasp on my life ever since I was saved by grace that I don't want to lose. But I always seem to wedge things between You and I: my relationships, my hobbies, school and future ideas. I get jealous, I get worried, I get angry, I get anxious, I get sarcastic, negative, bitter.... and when I feel "happy" it's only temporary if it's not finding happiness in You first. I just pray that You never let me forget that only YOU can satisfy my soul, and give me complete joy. Amen."

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