Monday, February 7, 2011

Laundry blogging.

This is the blog where I take a break from homework, but still need something to occupy my time while waiting in the laundry room.


So I'll write poetry!

Another Winter Storm

Not much to update,
not much to say,
except for another winter storm
is heading our way.

There are plenty of warnings
of the upcoming snow,
We get it by now,
but they act as if we don't know.

I guess this means more sleeping in,
with dorm time to spare.
Even if I'm locked in all day,
I don't honestly care.

I'll drift away in daydreams,
journal, blog, and draw.
Read a book, read my Bible,
and watch the snow gently fall with awe.

Eventually routine will settle in,
possibly another snowstorm or two.
I'm going to enjoy this time though, cozy and warm,
and I hope the same goes for you.

Winter Reminds Me (a poem made up of haikus)

Winter reminds me
of catching snowflakes on
our tongues; cold and sweet.
Winter reminds me
of icy windows, but warmth
from fireplaces.
Winter reminds me
of snug coats and cute mittens,
scarves caught in the wind.
Winter reminds me
of snowball fights and snow forts,
young kids, rosy cheeks.
Winter reminds me
that snow and cold shall soon pass,
melting into spring.


You can find me when it's cold,
when the last leaf of autumn falls,
when the humans snuggly bundle up,
or when the crimson cardinal calls.

You can find me among the shortening the days,
when the sun yawns and early it retires;
when the vivid white moon beams down into homes,
where people curl up and read near fires.

You can find me when with a fresh fallen snow,
when a white blanket dons Earth;
when dinner is warm, and family is near
when the holiday time is of the Savior's birth.

You can find me hanging on as warm days are near,
But, you see, I'll be slowly fading away.
For when the flowers bloom, and when the grass is green,
I'll have to return another day.

I'm always very inspired by winter and it's loveliness, even though it can be bitter cold sometimes. I like to find the warmth of winter, and capture it. I hope you all enjoyed, and thanks for reading!

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Cheryl said...

Awwww those were so good! Did you just write those? I loved them! X3and all the pics were so lovely too! ^.^ winter is beautiful. :)