Friday, January 21, 2011

The music of the night.

This past week in college has been very fun, and very entertaining -- as well as exciting, in a surprising way.

My Cartooning class has been extremely fun and enjoyable, and it's only the second week! I just look forward to it every Tuesday and Thursday, and seriously, time actually goes by TOO fast in that class. I find myself just sitting and drawing and drawing, trying to get better, do well, and really push myself. As well as the atmosphere is just really laid back and entertaining, with a lot of different personalities and tons of nerdiness (of course!), which always makes for a good time. My instructor even mentioned how he wants to petition for our class to get to go to Comic-Con as a class assignment/field trip thing! My jaw literally dropped -- I was in heaven. Whether it happened or not, the idea of it being thrown out in a serious statement just made my day.

My 365 days project has been going really well so far! Though, I'm still catching up from day 1, which means drawing 2+ pictures a day instead. I'm trying to challenge myself more, but, I still find myself drawing a lot of the same things; which usually means cute girls with flowy dresses or edgy outfits, usually just standing in a three quarter view. I'm getting better at sketching less messily, unless I try for something more complex than a simple pose, it still gets sketchy and erased up ... that of which I'm working on. The next couple of weeks/month or so I want to really push myself to:
- Draw more guys -- work with guy outfits, posing, attitudes, etc.
- Draw backgrounds to my work -- whether that means full on backgrounds, or just some props, I need more in the white space.
- Try a mature style -- experiment more with the more detailed/mature style of anime rather than the cutesy shojo style I tend to lean towards. (Not mature as in adult/explicit o_o I hope you all get what I mean).

There's probably more, I just forgot.

Lesse, what else. OH, right.

I'm taking a hip-hop class! Which is going to be super awesome, I love my hip-hop dance crew so far. Hip-Hop is such fun style, that you can really make your own and get away with it. You can make it hard and edgy or just chill and groovy; girly or strong. It's also a really great work out, and makes me appreciate hip-hop music for the beats and the high energy, adrenaline pumping aspects. There's soooo many girls in that class that are just amazing dancers though, like my roommate for example (she's a dance major, so, go figure). I find myself comparing myself to them, but, I really don't want to for the sake of enjoying myself instead of getting too frustrated. In that class, you really can't get too harsh on yourself, or start worrying and comparing because then you'd never have fun -- besides, there are tons of other people in there just like me who's not nearly as good yet either.

I just love dance though, especially hip-hop -- it's so expressive and athletic and artistic all at once. I can't wait to explore it more.

There was a fire in the suites the other day!


I know right?

It started in the grill in our suites because someone left the grill on after closing, so it was a grease fire; it was around midnight or so, so we all had to shuffle out in the FREEZING COLD and wait for about a half an hour before we could go back in. It was all good though, the fire department is right down the block so they were there in a jiffy to put it out. God really had things under control and kept everyone safe, and we were back in the suites like normal in no time. It looked worse than it actually was though, with smoke curling around the parking lot and up into the sky like a bad house fire. That was the "exciting in a surprising way part". It was one of those things that kept everyone talking about it even into the next day. Like in grade school when there was a REAL "tornado drill", even though the tornado was 45 minutes away, everyone gushed about it for about a week or so. That'll probably happen with this. It's funny how we all latch onto stories like that and suck them dry like leeches until something else interesting happens.

Ah well, let's hope the next interesting thing isn't dangerous or bad at all.

Tonight though was really enjoyable -- I went to this showing at UCO called 101 Years of Broadway, brought to you by Neil Burg! It was really amazing, with bigtime/current Broadway stars singing hits from any Broadway show you can think of -- RENT, Mama Mia, Les Miserables, Jekyl and Hyde, Wicked .. -- and of course, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. It's funny, cause his precursor to the Phantom section (which was the last two songs) was along the lines of: "WELL, in Broadway and musical theater we all like fresh new things, so sometimes old musical theater pieces gets redundant; however, you're the ones paying! And this is the longest running, still running, Broadway show of all time, as well as one of the most magical." And then they performed "The Phantom of the Opera" and "Music of the Night", both of which were stunning and amazing as always. I just found in amusing he pointed out the fact that Phantom of the Opera, though very beloved and a classic, isn't always the cream of the crop and the pick of every Broadway star out there. HOWEVER, I conclude myself, that if those Broadway stars were to be cast in such a classic, timeless and beautiful piece, they wouldn't be complaining in more.

I rest my case.

I love Phantom of the Opera though -- the music is so beautiful, and so enchanting... the story is too. Music of the Night is probably the best piece of music ever written for Broadway, EVER. It's undoubtedly a captivating song, and truly does everything the Phantom sings of -- intoxicates you, and draws you in.

Oooh, I'm getting goosebumps thinking about it.

Hey, Cheryl: "TURN YOUR FACE AWAY!!" I thought of you during that, and tried to not giggle, hahaaaa <3 :)

Well, that's it for this week! Thanks for reading!

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Mattie Elizabeth said...

PHANTOM OF THE OPERA?! Luckkkky. I want to go see Beauty and the Beast when it comes to the civic center music hall! It look so goood!

Thank goodness everyone was alright, but it must have stunk to go outside in the cold, lol. I'm glad you like your class! That's good. I've only had two days of classes (because it got canceled the other day) but so far it's pretty fun. Looking at bacteria! Dun dun dun... it's everywhere. XD