Monday, January 10, 2011

AMVs galore.

I've always had a fascination with making videos, AMVs mainly (anime music videos) because so, so much could be done with them. You could create whole new stories out of the manipulation of clips and video editing, and nothing sends goosebumps down my arms more than GREAT music video editing (ie: to the music, right use of timing or the story told).

However, when I was recently going through what it was I wanted to pursue more, video editing just wasn't really screaming above the rest. I've made my own AMVs before, but it's a hassle to try to make them. I've done other video editing with footage I've shot, but, I like taking still photos more, capturing single moments -- plus, I found myself so infatuated with filming for long periods of time that I was missing out on the actual activities I attended, which, is kinda' dumb.

So! I've decided to sort of let go of video editing, only really use it in the future if I need to for my graphic design career, but when it comes to AMVs, I won't really pursue it anymore. It's also a very timely hobby that I just don't have time for. It's fun to make them yourself, but, I also like to search them out and really appreciate what others have made.

I thought I'd share with you all some of the best videos/AMVs I've found.

This is a beautiful AMV made to the song "You Are Loved" by Josh Groban. It features Key Animation, which includes the animes Clannad, AIR, Kanon, etc. Beautiful stories and animation set to Josh Groban? Yes please.

This is a very high paced, action packed AMV. I'm not sure right away what song this is, but the anime featured is DNAngel, which is an amazing anime! It has romance, action, adventure, suspense, fantasy -- everything!

Everyone LOVES Disney -- especially us girls. We grew up wanting to be princesses, with our own love stories. This is an adorable video that really highlights all the love stories of our favorite Disney movies.

THIS is truly an epic video. "This is War" by 30 Seconds to Mars, edited to various Final Fantasy scenes. It's really well done, with little effects -- but it's still captivating. This is truly a video that shows that even using the rawness of the anime scenes itself, edited in the right way with timing, can create magic.

Haha, this is a little bit of fandom comin' at you, but, I can't help it. This video is amazingly done. It's from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and is a AMV of the fanon (sadly, not canon...) pairing of Zuko and Katara. Even though there were a lot of moments they shared in the series, some hinting at canon, they were never "officially" a pairing. However, massive amounts of AMVs flood Youtube of this couple... long story short, good editing and manipulating of effects and clips makes Zutara completely real to people unfamiliar with the series.

Last but not least! I'll leave you all with a cute, feel good AMV. This is another AMV with various anime, but, it's very well done, and all the anime work very well together. It's to the song "Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars.

Hope that wasn't too boring or anything, haha. I love watching videos, especially AMVs, so, I could keep posting more and more. :) These are just the most recent ones I've found that I enjoyed the most, and keep re-watching. Thanks for reading!

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Mattie Elizabeth said...

Those are amazing videos! Thanks for sharing them! ^.^ Yes, video editing is fun but very time consuming... I wish I had more time and better programs to do it.